Jatropha for Jet Fuel, the Future is NOW. New-Generation Biofuels May Help to Keep air Fares Down As Well As Fight Global Warming!

February 28, 2008 | 3 Comments

Who cares what sort of fuel powers the plane? For most people, that’s a technical issue – best dealt with by aviation engineers.

Airlines, however, are increasingly keen to come up with alternatives to petroleum-based jet fuel as they are facing mounting pressure to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

jetengine_250px.jpgAs Airlines are all set to be included in the emissions-trading systems, they will soon be forced to pay for their exhaust.

It makes sense that airlines are looking to biofuels as the better solution because it can be used in existing engine technology, without needing radical- and extremely costly- modifications and re-engineering.

Due to their inclusion in the emissions-trading system, airlines will also have a vested interest in their Carbon footprint; they are not going to embark on plans to clear rainforest, savannahs, wetland or other natural vegetation to grow their biofuel feedstock, as this will only increase their carbon footprint, rather than decrease it.

They plan to produce their biofuel from wasteland, or land not considered arable.

Jatropha fits the bill perfectly as a non-food crop that does not compete with food crop for arable land, and can be cultivated on waste land.

Jatropha is now poised to take on a new application in the highly profitable aviation industry, as extensive studies are now underway to use Jatropha to fuel aircraft.

Everyone with a vested interest in Biofuels was celebrating Virgin’s successful biofuel flight test last Sunday, which was done in conjunction with Boeing and General Electric Co.

The biofuel for this historic flight was supplied by Seattle’s Imperium Renewables, which overcame a problem that many fuel experts thought was insurmountable- producing a biofuel that wouldn’t freeze at -47° C, the toughest aviation standard.

(Imperium Renewables were a part of JatrophaWorld 2008-Jakarta, and we would like to extend our congratulations to their team for their discovery and for making aviation history!)

In the wake of Virgin’s successful test, the industry will now be closely watching for Air New Zealand, Boeing and engine maker Rolls-Royce’s test which is scheduled to run next year.

According to the New Zealand herald, one engine of an Air New Zealand Boeing 747 will run on a blended biofuel/kerosene mix and the other three engines will be powered by regular aviation fuel.

Air New Zealand’s research is concentrated on Jatropha and algae based biofuels.

Fuel has now become the single greatest expense that airlines face, and accounts for more than half the total cost of a single long-haul flight. With Oil prices set to remain around current levels in the foreseeable future, airlines will be pushing hard to find a viable source of renewable fuel.

With the industry poised on such an important milestone, we are honored to be a part of JatrophaWorld 2008 to chart Jatropha’s movement into new paradigms.

What do YOU think about Jatropha in the aviation industry? We look forward to hearing your opinions on the matter, and invite you to share your comments and views on the matter!

Can Jatropha Really Be a Viable Option for Biodiesel? JatrophaWorld 2008 Will Provide the Answers

February 21, 2008 | Comments Off on Can Jatropha Really Be a Viable Option for Biodiesel? JatrophaWorld 2008 Will Provide the Answers

What is Jatropha? Is this ‘miracle plant’ the most viable feedstock for Biodiesel?

At JatrophaWorld 2008, the answer to those questions and many more will be discussed for YOUR investment outlook.

jatropha_020_250px.jpgWe at CMT, are very excited to tell you about the JatrophaWorld 2008 phenomenon!

A series of three conferences aimed at presenting all the latest updates on Jatropha, JatrophaWorld 2008 is now the single most important international business forum for Jatropha.

JatrophaWorld 2008 is being organized for everyone who wants accurate and the latest information on Jatropha.

The conference aims to set itself apart by being objective and separate fact from fiction in the myriad of issues surrounding Jatropha.

At JatrophaWorld 2008, we accomplish this by bringing together industry leaders to exchange ideas, share experiences and provide insider insights.

In line with JatrophaWorld 2008’s commitment to be the premier platform to share information and updates on Jatropha, we launched our preliminary position paper, Jatropha as a Biodiesel Feedstock: A Strategic Analysis which provided a broad overview on the Jatropha value chain.

You can download this paper for FREE at www.futureenergyevents.com/jatrophapaper/index.html

The position paper is but the first chapter in the JatrophaWorld 2008 story.

As we had shared with you, we wanted to prove that JatrophaWorld 2008 was all about presenting facts and having YOUR questions and concerns addressed.

That’s why we organized our inaugral webcast “Debunking the Myths of Jatropha”.

The webcast was conducted by Dr. R. Rajagopal, author of our highly successful position paper “Jatropha as a Biodiesel Feedstock: A Strategic Analysis” and Dr. Sudheer Shetty, CEO of Labland Biodiesel and one of our expert panelists speaking at JatrophaWorld 2008-Jakarta.

You can download the recording of this webcast for FREE at http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatrophawebcast/

The success of our first conference JatrophaWorld 2008- Jakarta was assured with the buzz that the event created. Almost everyone with a vested interest in Jatropha was discussing about this conference.

Have you heard about our record breaking statistics?

With over 350 delegates from over 40 countries, JatrophaWorld 2008- Jakarta became the most important Jatropha Industry Platform where there was an exchange of ideas and information, all culminating in deals being struck and investment decisions being made.

With such a powerful recommendation for the JatrophaWorld 2008 phenomenon, you don’t want to miss out on JatrophaWorld 2008-Miami.

To be held on 10-11 June 2008, JatrophaWorld 2008 will once again bring together the best expertise from all over the world, presenting new perspectives relevant to American, Caribbean and Latin American investments, as well as revisit the investment outlook in Asia and Africa.

Make sure you get VIP Access to JatrophaWorld 2008-Miami!

Visit our VIP Alert Page at www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha/vipalert/miami2008.html and register your name and e-mail address for all the latest updates and other VIP priveleges.

We will keep posting JatrophaWorld 2008 updates here on this site, as well as any news or interesting information about Jatropha and Biofuels.

We look forward to interacting with all of you so send us your comments and your views about Jatropha and JatrophaWorld 2008.

We do hope that we can meet all of you at JatrophaWorld 2008 Miami!

JatrophaWorld 2008 Jakarta – The Largest International Gathering of Jatropha Entrepreneurs and Financiers

February 14, 2008 | 1 Comment

At a point in time where the success of Jatropha investments are hinging on a better understanding of the crop, JatrophaWorld 2008 rode high on the enthusiasm surrounding Jatropha’s potential as Biodiesel feedstock and a source of renewable energy and poverty alleviation.

JatrophaWorld 2008 Jakarta, held on 23-24 January 2008, saw over 350 Jatropha experts, industry players and entrepreneurs from 40 countries convening at the summit, which presented a snapshot dscn0852.jpgof the Jatropha markets and industry. Organized by CMT-Centre for Management Technology, the event attracted a wide portfolio of delegates including bankers, venture capitalists, investors, financiers, Biodiesel producers, plantation owners, entrepreneurs, scientists, agronomists and government officials.

The expert panelists at the conference covered a wide range of topics that presented an excellent overview and overall summary of all the latest developments in Jatropha to date. The topics and issues discussed at the event included Jatropha plantation management in Southeast Asia, the latest on Jatropha Agronomy and genetics research, new developments in oil extraction and processing, the status of development in mechanical harvesting technologies, irrigation technologies and current and future applications of Jatropha and its by-products.

Discussions on Carbon trading and CDM financing explored alternative revenue streams for Jatropha investors. The social economics of Jatropha, and its impact on rural development was also examined and discussed with a wide variety of views expressed on Jatropha’s role as a tool for poverty alleviation.

Mr. Cheung Siu Ming, Executive Director of Oleo Bioenergy Investments based in China rated JatrophaWorld 2008 as “Valuable to the investors and other companies involved in Jatropha Biodiesel” echoing the sentiments of the delegates who joined us at the event.

Mr. Trevor Newbold, CEO of NOILS based in the Bahamas commented that “The presentations were most informative and the information shared current.”

JatrophaWorld 2008 saw huge numbers of investors looking for the right opportunities, and project developers looking for investors. The ten hours of business networking opportunities created a positive environment for the striking of deals.

Mr. Paul Dalton, CEO of Dream Fuels Ltd based in the US reported having “met TWO investors who are very interested in investing into my project in the US and Costa Rica.”

Most delegates appreciated all the opportunities presented to them to meet their fellow investors and the speakers with many providing glowing testimonials on meeting the right people during these events.

Mr. Marc Stammbach, Director of MBD Biodiesel based in Australia comments reflect these opinions, when he said that “important business connections were developed in networking events.”

dscn0924.jpgSome JatrophaWorld 2008 delegates had the opportunity to visit a fully operational Jatropha plantation in Sukabumi, West Java. Participating delegates were taken on a tour of the vast acreage, where they were able to view tangible evidence of successful large scale Jatropha Cultivation, while ICERD researchers were on hand to explain the Jatropha growing process.

dscn0927.jpgIn addition to this, participants were also able to view a live demonstration of the oil extraction process by means of a mechanical seed pressing device, as well as hear more about the current applications of Jatropha oil in the Indonesian context. A lively discussion on plantation management techniques rounded up the site visit in the question and answer session. Delegates posed their questions to the researchers at the plantation and managed to get first hand accounts of dealing with plantation management issues.

jatrophacard_200px.jpgThe JatrophaWorld 2008 phenomenon is now going to the United States. JatrophaWorld 2008 will be held in 10th-11th June in Miami. JatrophaWorld 2008 will once again bring together the best expertise from all over the world, presenting new perspectives relevant to the American, and Latin American investments, as well as revisit the investment outlook in Asia and Africa.

To sign up for important announcements about JatrophaWorld 2008 Miami, please visit http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha/vipalert/miami2008.html

For more information on JatrophaWorld 2008 Miami, please contact:

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