Upcoming Jatropha Food vs. Fuel Webcast to Address Investor Concerns

May 16, 2008 | 2 Comments

As a precursor to the second JatrophaWorld 2008 conference scheduled June 9-11, 2008 in Miami, Florida, U.S., a free webcast will be held May 22nd to address hard-hitting questions by Jatropha investors. Two of the expert panelists scheduled to speak at the conference, Russell Teall and Dr. Charles Fishel, will be conducting the webcast. Topics of discussion will include Jatropha’s yield and advantages over other energy crops, its sustainability and use as a biofuel, current risks and barriers to Jatropha investments and the “food vs. fuel” debate.

Miami, FL, May 16, 2008 — Russell Teall, President and Founder of Biodiesel Industries and Dr. Charles Fishel, Chairman and CEO of Abundant Biofuels Corporation, will be conducting a free one-hour webcast to answer investors’ questions and explore the long-term outlook of Jatropha. The webcast “Is Jatropha the Answer to Food vs. Fuel?” is scheduled to commence at 9 a.m. EST (GMT -5) May 22nd will be geared toward creating greater clarity surrounding Jatropha investments while offering a foretaste of the lively discussions and insights that will take place during the upcoming 3-day JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 conference. Attendees of the free webcast will have the opportunity to interact directly with each speaker and have their questions answered live and in real time.

Critical issues to be addressed during the Jatropha webinar include:

  • Why is it the answer to the world’s biofuel needs?
  • Does it compete with land used for harvesting food crops?
  • What are the investment risks and barriers?
  • What is the expected yield and advantage over other energy crops?
  • Is it a sustainable alternative energy source?

Russell Teall brings to the webcast over 14 years experience in every aspect of the biodiesel industry. Under his direction, Biodiesel Industries has patented biodiesel production techniques for a wide array of feedstock.

Having extensive experience growing the Jatropha plant under a variety of conditions, performing feasibility studies and operating test plots in Mexico, India and the U.S., he is fully competent to make recommendations for the future development of Jatropha curcas in the U.S. and globally. Russell Teall is also involved in the research of cold tolerant Jatropha.

He states that, “Biodiesel has the potential to become the ‘New Oil.’ It is non-toxic, biodegradable, and made from renewable resources that reduce greenhouse gases. The feedstocks that are used to make it can be grown in a socially responsible manner that respects the environment and supports rural economic development, even in some of the most impoverished parts of the world. Jatropha is part of the solution.”

When examining the “food vs. fuel” debate, Dr. Charles Fishel states, “The rise in biofuel activity is being blamed in large part for global food shortages. The pursuit of biofuels has taken good agricultural land out of production, contaminated water supplies, and caused deforestation. Is Jatropha curcas the solution?”

To assist in answering this pressing question, Abundant Biofuels Corporation, for which Dr. Charles Fishel is both Chairman and CEO, is currently building Jatropha as alternative fuel based projects in Colombia, Ghana and the Philippines. These projects are conducted on marginal, underutilized land and do not employ deforestation, use productive agricultural land or irrigation. It is estimated that this land will yield 13.3 million metric tons of Jatropha for biofuel when planting is complete.

Dr. Charles Fishel’s affiliation with Abundant Biofuels makes him particularly poised to offer expert insight into the food vs. fuel debate. He is also knowledgeable regarding Jatropha based financing strategies from past finance and legal roles with Fortune 100 multi-national organizations.

The May 22nd webinar will offer a sampling of what investors can anticipate at the second JatrophaWorld 2008 conference scheduled in Miami, Florida, June 9-11. Following on the heels of the highly successful and informative January 23-24 JatrophaWorld 2008 conference in Jakarta, the Miami symposium is expected to be just as beneficial and rewarding for those in attendance.

JatrophaWorld 2008 in Jakarta was attended by over 350 Jatropha experts and attracted a wide range of delegates from over 40 countries. Those at the summit included bankers, plantation owners, entrepreneurs, scientists, government officials, venture capitalists, financiers, scientists, biodiesel producers, and agronomists. The conference not only afforded an excellent overview and summary of the latest developments in Jatropha, but also became an environment conducive to making fruitful business contacts.

Those wanting to participate in the May 22nd webcast need to visit http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha/webcast/ to register. The free one-hour webcast will offer Jatropha investors a platform to pose questions related to their investments directly to experts in the field and gain insight into the long-term outlook of Jatropha as a viable, sustainable biofuel.

About JatrophaWorld Miami 2008
JatrophaWorld 2008 Miami is a showcase of all the latest trends and shifts occurring in the Jatropha value chain, bringing together on a single platform, the best expertise to discuss and analyze the present and future dynamics of Jatropha from a technological and socio-economic angle. To date more than 200 delegates from 35 countries have already registered for this June event.

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JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 Delivers Good Vibes for Jatropha’s Future in North & South America

May 5, 2008 | Comments Off on JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 Delivers Good Vibes for Jatropha’s Future in North & South America

This time, we’ve got plenty of good vibes to share! But first, let us remind you that June is around the corner! To avoid disappointment, we advise that you register for JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 and book your accommodation without delay! Don’t miss out on this exciting event.

GOOD VIBE 1- JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 & the National Biodiesel Board

National BioDiesel BoardThe first good Jatropha Vibe we wish to deliver is that JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 is now supported by the National Biodiesel Board, which represents the interests of American Biodiesel producers looking for alternative Biodiesel feedstocks like Jatropha.

If you’ve got Crude Jatropha Oil and Jatropha seeds to sell, then JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 will be the best place to meet & interact with these Biodiesel producers who will most definitely want to buy from you.

But that’s not the only good Jatropha Vibe we’ve got to share!

GOOD VIBE 2- JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 features Mexico’s TOP Government Official sharing on Jatropha for the FIRST TIME on an international platform

Hon. Alberto JimenezThe Second good news we want to announce is that Hon. Alberto Jimenez Cardenas, Secretary of Agriculture from Mexico, who has now joined the JatrophaWorld Miami’s Expert Panel. Secretary Cardenas will deliver the keynote address on Mexico’s role as the Americas’ leading producer of Crude Jatropha Oil.

This is the first time a senior government official from Mexico will share on the country’s plans for Jatropha cultivation so make sure you don’t miss out on this critical speech which will give you the inside edge on this expanding market for Jatropha!

We’ve of course saved the best Vibe for last.

GOOD VIBE 3- JatrophaWorld 2008 shares Critical Jatropha Insights from Key Jatropha Stakeholder for FREE

Tobias Garritt DVDWe’ve just released a short video presentation by a key Jatropha stakeholder, which we want you to view. This presentation will give you a taste of the invaluable insights that you’ll discover at JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 on June 9-11, 2008.

And the best Vibe yet?

This presentation is available to you NOW for FREE!

This exclusive video of Tobias Garritt’s “The Jatropha Challenge: Carbon, Communities & Challenges” was rated as one of the TOP Presentations at JatrophaWorld Jakarta by the 350 international delegates who attended.

In this recording, you’ll listen in as Tobias Garritt “Founder and CEO of Emerald Planet Biofuels” reveals key insights into the sustainability of Jatropha against the backdrop of the food versus fuel debate and the issue of carbon emissions.

  • In his speech, Mr. Garritt addresses pressing issues like:
  • Is Jatropha REALLY the best ‘green’, socially responsible biofuel feedstock?
  • What will be the environmental footprint of the mega energy-crop Jatropha plantations that are being planned?
  • How do Jatropha economics impact developing nations?
  • To what extent is Jatropha more conducive in reducing GHG emissions?
    Is Jatropha cultivation and propagation sustainable AND profitable over the long-term?

Plus many more pressing issues on Jatropha!

Tobias GarrittMr. Garritt also examines broader issues concerning Biodiesel as a tool for cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions and its carbon footprint must have information that you will pay top dollar to hear from consultants but is now made available to you for FREE!

For your Instant Access to this FREE video recording, visit http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatrophavideo/ immediately!

In the meantime, don’t forget to confirm your attendance at JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 at http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha/attend!

Spread the GOOD JATROPHA VIBES by telling your friends and associates about JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 and asking them to join us!

We look forward to meeting you in Miami.