JatrophaWorld Miami 2008: An OUTSTANDING Event – Two Thumbs Up

June 26, 2008 | Comments Off on JatrophaWorld Miami 2008: An OUTSTANDING Event – Two Thumbs Up

JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 – The Event
The word ‘Brilliant’, which was used by many delegates to describe their experiences, sums up the JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 experience.

On the opening day, Mr. Christian Langaard, MD of Euro Latin Capital got the ball rolling to the largest international Jatropha event, with over 400 participants from 51 countries. In his opening speech, he introduced the conference as the premier venue to discuss key issues in the Global Jatropha Industry.

With Jatropha cultivation becoming an intensifying worldwide trend, how to “Do It Right” dominated the entire conference, with discussions centering on the best practices in Jatropha for maximum returns.

Some of the critical “Do It Right” issues that dominated the proceedings included:

  • Cost-effective Jatropha cultivation
  • Socially responsible Jatropha – Rural development and poverty alleviation
  • Putting a figure to Jatropha yields
  • Improving existing Jatropha yields.
  • Toxicity of Jatropha and its long term implications.
  • Ideal growing conditions for maximum output.
  • What investors are looking for in terms of investment in Jatropha projects?
  • Mechanical harvesting – Feasible in the next five years? Is it possible? Will it happen?
  • International fuel quality specifications for Jatropha biodiesel.

All participants at JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 gave rave reviews for the event that more than lived up to its promise of presenting realistic insights into the processing, harvesting and seed & oil yields.

Mr. Arturo Aurajo, GM of Diesel Del Agro based in El Salvador sums it beautifully with his comments, on a scale of 1-10, “I’d give JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 a 10″ and “you can sign me up for the next conference right away”.

JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 – The Site Visit
The JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 site visit was so popular that it was oversubscribed, as people rushed to view the pioneers of Jatropha planting in Florida.

As Jatropha farmers were on hand to explain why this plant is the saving of them and their waning incomes, news-cameras were on site bearing witness to this exciting new Energy Crop that will play a key role in revolutionizing Biodiesel in the US and the rest of the world.

All the delegates who attended were glad to have had the opportunity to take their learning beyond the air-conditioned comfort of the conference room, and out into the actual field where they were able to see Jatropha planting first-hand. Click here to view media coverage of this event by Fox News.

JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 – The Delegates
JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 once again broke records when we welcomed over 400 participants from 51 countries, which was more than the 350 we got for JatrophaWorld in Jakarta. Once again, JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 lived up to its name for being the single largest international gathering of the global Jatropha fraternity.

JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 was also UNIQUE in its delegate profile as well.
This was the first dedicated Jatropha event that welcomed such a large concentration of American investors, as well as investors from Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico and Peru.

We also saw large concentrations of investors from Europe, Africa and Asia.

Due to the vastly international delegate profile, JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 was dynamic networking platform, with multiple perspectives presented from the international Jatropha growth belt.

Most of the delegates at JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 rated the networking as one of the best they had experienced in any conference.

Mr. Josef Schneider, Sales Manager at the HF Group based in Germany was among the delegates who gave two thumbs up for the networking opportunities.

“We met a number of people who were potential customers” said Mr. Schneider, who was very happy at the large numbers of people he was able to interact with at the conference.

JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 – The Future Direction
The event revealed a coming of age of the Jatropha industry, as the crop is already internationally renowned, and more and more projects are beginning to mature and deliver returns.

Investors are now asking hard hitting questions on the long term outlook and sustainability of Jatropha. With more projects being developed all over the world, JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 positioned the Jatropha industry on the cusp of wide spread commercialization.

The next step of the JatrophaWorld 2008 journey will be mapping the best practices to sustain the emerging Jatropha industry.

Our third conference in the series, JatrophaWorld Hamburg 2008 will be held on 20 -22 October 2008 and will focus on successful the KEY STRATEGIES for a successful Jatropha project.