Jatropha Planting Best Practices “From the Ground Up” will be Shared by Leading Experts At Upcoming Workshops

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Miami, FL (BUSINESSWIRE) September 24, 2008 – Is Jatropha a sustainable biofuel energy solution? Will growing Jatropha actually improve the lives of the poor across Asia and Africa?

A world -renowned Jatropha expert claims the answer is “yes.” Dr. Hari M Behl, a Senior Fulbright fellow, has more than 100 publications, 10 books and 10 filed patents to his credit. Dr Behl will share his key findings at the Jatropha Plantation Best Practices Workshops, on November 6-7 (Miami) and November 11-12 (Mexico City).

These two-day, intensive training programs provide Jatropha practitioners with a valuable understanding of Jatropha oil crop’s habits, requirements, its interactions with the environment as well as Jatropha’s financial and societal impacts of the region and the world.

The workshops will reveal Dr. Behl’s nine essential planting practices for effective Jatropha expansion. Such essential practices include:

  • Selections of elites of Jatropha for higher productivity per acre
  • Developing cost-effective commercial nurseries
  • Healthy practices to reduce incidence of diseases
  • Value addition to Jatropha projects with use of byproducts

Dr. Behl’s sessions will further explore and document the practical considerations of cultivation, management and business potential of Jatropha as a sustainable biofuel.

The track record of Dr. Behl reveals a “who’s who” of key Jatropha players including D1 Oils UK, Green Oil Energy Sciences, Tata Chemicals & Birla Group of Companies. All have benefited from Dr. Behl’s experience in Jatropha cultivation across a variety of soil types.

The workshops will also feature several other leading experts on Jatropha cultivation and markets in the region. As Dr. Behl added, “After attending these workshops, Jatropha practitioners will leave with the necessary knowledge and preparation to meet the new challenges of the Jatropha industry.”

In addition to gaining insights from world leaders in the Jatropha biofuel industry, participants at the Best Practices Jatropha Workshop series are encouraged to form vital business relationships within the community via six hours of quality networking with their fellow participants. The workshop in Mexico City on November 11-12 will also offer simultaneous Spanish translation for Spanish speaking participants as part of the workshop package.

Jatropha plant practitioners and project developers seeking to add value to their Jatropha biofuel projects should strongly consider attending these two popular workshops.

Participants can discover more information and register for the Jatropha Plantation Best Practices Workshops here: http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatrophaworkshops

Jatropha practitioners interested in viewing the entire workshop schedule online can do so here: http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatrophaworkshops/schedule/

Free Webcast: What Makes Jatropha Projects Tick? Upcoming Jatropha Webinar on 30 Sept Addresses Issue.

September 18, 2008 | 1 Comment

So many Jatropha projects are underway or planned for the next five years making the question “What makes a successful Jatropha project Tick” a very critical one for the industry as a whole!

Let’s just look at the statistics.

According to the report, “First Global Market Study on Jatropha” published by GEXSI, “the number and size of Jatropha projects currently being developed is increasing sharply”. The report projects that over “5 million hectares of Jatropha will be planted by 2010.”

That’s a lot of land and a lot of Jatropha and due to the large amount of resources vested in the success of these projects, understanding the factors and practices that will contribute to Jatropha’s commercial success is critical.

Here’s the hitch however, Jatropha is still relatively new, and there’s hardly any reliable information on the ‘how-tos’ of Jatropha project development and management.

Now that’s a void that the JatrophaWorld 2008 team is eager to fill.

We’ve always risen to the challenge of addressing the needs of the industry. So we sought out to answer the question, “What makes successful Jatropha Projects Tick?”

We did this by inviting three leading Jatropha authorities in the world to share their views and take your questions at our upcoming one hour *F*R*E*E webinar “Setting Up Successful Jatropha Projects”, which will be held on 30 September at 9am EST (USA), 3pm CET (Central Europe), 6.30pm IST (India), 9pm SST (Singapore).

“Setting Up Successful Jatropha Projects” will be chaired by Dr. R Rajagopal, author of the position paper “Best Practices for Long Term Jatropha Development” and features Mr. Thilo Zelt of GEXSI’s Global Market Study on Jatropha and Mr. Jamey Hadden, Director of Strategic Development at GreenEnergy Ltd, two leading Jatropha authorities sharing at JatrophaWorld Hamburg 2008.


We are happy to announce the first member on our panel of experts sharing at the “Setting Up Successful Jatropha Projects” webinar. Mr. Thilo Zelt, from GEXSI, is part of the team that brought to the world the “First Global Market Study on Jatropha”. In the course of collecting data for this study, Mr. Zelt has familiarized himself with over 242 ongoing Jatropha projects from all over the world, and as his report specifies, that number is set to expand exponentially in the next two years.

So is it accurate to say that Mr. Zelt knows the Jatropha industry? We’d say YES! In fact, Mr. Zelt is also chairing the optional Jatropha Practitioners Workshop at JatrophaWorld Hamburg 2008 on 22 October to discuss how to set up and manage a Jatropha plantation.

Also on our panel is Mr. Jamey Hadden, Director of Strategic Development at GreenEnergy Ltd. It is fairly accurate to say that Mr. Hadden’s understanding of the Jatropha industry is unparalleled. Over the last three years, Mr. Hadden has been closely involved in over $20 million of successful placements (both private and public) for jatropha-specific ventures.

Mr. Hadden’s company, GreenEnergy (GEV) has the distinction of being Vietnam’s ‘First Mover’ and pioneer in Jatropha cultivation. Working closely with the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (MARD), Mr. Hadden and GEV have extensive experience in setting up and running Jatropha cultivation projects in new settings.

Mr. Hadden is ideally placed to give you first hand insights into the opportunities and challenges of starting up a new Jatropha venture!

You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to develop your own Jatropha business further with Mr. Hadden’s insights at the “Setting Up Successful Jatropha Projects” webinar, and at JatrophaWorld Hamburg 2008, where he will be sharing his views at the Jatropha Investors Panel on the first day of the conference (20 October).

We are also happy to announce Dr. R Rajagopal as the chairman of “Setting Up Successful Jatropha Projects” webinar. Now we’re sure that’s a familiar name to all of you. Dr. Rajagopal burst into the Jatropha scene with his highly rated position paper “Jatropha as a Biodiesel Feedstock: A Strategic Analysis”, which was downloaded by over 2000 people from all over the world. Dr. Rajagopal recently released an update to his initial paper entitled “Best Practices for Long-Term Jatropha Development”, which has also created a tremendous buzz.

Dr. Raj, Mr. Zelt and Mr. Hadden will discuss KEY FACTORS for successful implementation of a Jatropha Projects and take questions from the audience on matters related to the implementation of a Jatropha project.


The question “What makes a successful Jatropha project tick” is too broad, so for this webinar, our webinar chairmen decided to break it down to include the key issues and practices that will contribute to the answer.

Some of the critical questions that Dr. Rajagopal & Mr. Zelt will aim to answer include:

  • How can Jatropha be grown in a sustainable way?
  • Which is the better approach- Collective farming or Large Scale Jatropha projects?
  • What are key factors in deciding on strategies to be adopted by new Jatropha project developers?
  • What are the current risks & barriers to Jatropha investments?

Plus many more…

More critically, the webinar has been designed for YOU!

Have YOUR questions answered: We have arranged for listeners to submit their questions beforehand and have them answered directly by our panelists.

Debate and Analyze the issues that undermine Jatropha’s success:
Our live Q&A session will enable you to ask questions and CLARIFY your doubts to evaluate your own practices and approaches to your Jatropha project. You will be also be able to participate in the discussion about some of the issues and practices undermining Jatropha’s success, and examine if they can be overcome.

SIGNING UP FOR “Setting up Successful Jatropha Projects”

Did you see the part where we mentioned that the webinar was *F*R*E*E ?

Yes, we are happy to announce that you can register to join us at the Jatropha WEBINAR at NO COST.

Make sure you visit & Instantly Confirm your Participation at this FREE Webinar.

All you need to do is to fill in the electronic form at the bottom of the page. We will be in touch with you to provide you with more information on how to tune into this exciting Webinar on
30 September at 9am EST (US), 3pm CET (Central Europe),
6.30pm IST (India), 9pm SST (Singapore).

We look forward to hearing from all of you at the “Setting up Successful Jatropha Projects” on 30 September.

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