BTG-BTL has plans to build a pyrolysis plant at Hengelo’s AkzoNobel site. The letter of intent was signed at the end of September by AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals, Empyro and BTG Bioliquids. In the new plant wood will be converted to oil. The plant will also deliver steam to AkzoNobel and generate electricity for delivery to the public grid. Largest pyrolysis plant in Europe The Empyro plant, owned by the shareholders Tree Power and BTG Bioliquids, will “convert 5 metric tons of dry wood into oil, steam and electricity, per hour”. This conversion takes place on a commercial scale and uses a technique, owned by BTG Bioliquids. This technique has already proven itself in Malaysia, where a plant uses residual products of a palm oil plant. The new pyrolysis installation will be the largest in Europe and building it will require an investment of approximately 13 million Euros. A substantial part of the investment will be covered by an European subsidy because it is a pilot project. The installation will be built on a piece of land of 1 hectare and will be 20 meters high. It is expected that the construction can start in the second quarter of 2010. Source: , 10th October 2009 For more information on pyrolysis, join Mr. Gerhard Muggen, Managing Director of BTG Bioliquids BV. as he presents his paper on Pre-Treatment Biomass Using Pyrolysis Technologies at the Biomass Trade & Power conference, 11- 12 March 2010 held in Rotterdam. Get more information on other topic, view the full agenda. Participate by registering now click here

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