Jatropha World 2009 Advance Access: Surprisingly Candid Interview Series Examines Biofuel Predictions Compared to Fossil Fuels

December 17, 2008 | Comments Off on Jatropha World 2009 Advance Access: Surprisingly Candid Interview Series Examines Biofuel Predictions Compared to Fossil Fuels

In line with Jatropha World Asia 2009, scheduled 16-17 February in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, an exciting series of interviews with top Jatropha decision makers have been scheduled. Kicking off the series, a question and answer session was held with Pradip Bhar, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of D1-Williamson Magor Biofuel Limited. Offered by free download, this informative interview lends startling insights into the direction of Jatropha as a biofuel in 2009.

Kuala Lumpur, December 17, 2008 – Offering a glimpse into the critical topics and lively discussions anticipated at the upcoming Jatropha World Asia 2009 conference, a series of informative interviews with world-renowned Jatropha industry experts have been scheduled. Available by free download, the first in the series of exciting and informative interviews was held with Pradip Bhar, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of D1-Williamson Magor Biofuel Limited.

Particularly poised to offer a planters perspective on the direction of Jatropha as a sustainable biofuel in 2009, Mr. Bhar will be one among numerous Jatropha World Asia 2009 key note speakers to discuss their innovative approaches and cutting-edge enterprise applications to Jatropha project developers and investors.

Mr. Bhar’s affiliation with D1-Williamson Magor has not only given him a vested interest in the growth of the Jatropha sector, but has also placed him in a unique position to explore the future direction of the biofuel industry from a planter’s perspective.

Over the past two years, D1-Williamson Magor Biofuel Limited has planted Jatropha curcas in over 130,000 hectares of waste farmland by means of an out growers’ scheme. Local farmers plant and harvest Jatropha in their waste farmland, for which D1-Williamson Magor group provides a buy-back guarantee.

One of India’s most prominent voices in the profit potential of biodiesel, Mr. Bhar stated that his company has new plantations under development and D1-Williamson Magor Biofuels Ltd expects to supply oil on a commercial scale – with an annual production goal of 400 million liters of oil – by 2010.

During his recent eye-opening interview, Mr. Bhar revealed his startling insights on:

• The future direction of Jatropha as a biodiesel feedstock in 2009.
• The impact of the global economic slowdown and crude oil volatilities on Jatropha’s viability.
• When Jatropha seeds and oil supplies will hit the market.
• Jatropha co-products such as seedcake and glycerin.
• Developing an ideal Jatropha business model; Small-scale vs. Large-scale Jatropha plantation management.
• Short and long term Jatropha market and applications projections.
• The importance of educating farmers on Jatropha toxicity.

To access Mr. Bhar’s informative question and answer session, a must have for any Jatropha investor or entrepreneur, visit http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha/pradip/ for a free download.

To date, the Jatropha World conference series has gathered to the discussion table 1500 participants from over 80 countries. Mr. Bhar stated that he is looking forward to Jatropha World Asia 2009 and “meeting Jatropha entrepreneurs across the world.”

Mr. Bhar also spoke enthusiastically about the possibilities created by Jatropha World Asia 2009’s “global association for exchange of information, guiding the regulatory bodies in respective countries to provide with the developments elsewhere.”

An authoritative panel of more than two-dozen experts and industry leaders – with experience planting thousands of hectares of Jatropha in Brazil, East Africa, India and other Asian countries – will be joining Mr. Bhar at Jatropha World Asia 2009.

Those in attendance will accrue timely information from top scientists, investors, planters and government officials involved in Jatropha development and distribution. Ten hours of networking with CEOs, MDs and top decision-makers in the global Jatropha and biofuel sector is also available to enable beneficial and lucrative business contacts.

Jatropha practitioners and stakeholders looking to optimize their Jatropha operations and maximize their profit potential need to visit http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha/attend and register for Jatropha World Asia 2009 in Kuala Lumpur scheduled 16-17 February.

About Jatropha World Asia 2009
Jatropha World Asia 2009 brings industry experts and leaders together to deliberate and share strategies that will guide, inspire and assist key Jatropha sector with critical gap analysis; risk evaluations; trend and opportunity identifications in support of commercialization and growth of Jatropha in Asia and around the world. Jatropha World Asia is organized by the Centre for Management Technology, whose mission is to provide access to the latest technology and business intelligence through high profile alternative energy conferences.


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Announcing JatrophaWorld Asia 2009, 16-17 February 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

December 3, 2008 | 2 Comments

The eagerly anticipated JatrophaWorld Asia 2009 conference is back! To be held on 16-17 February in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Jatropha World Asia 2009 is the most important event in the Jatropha industry calendar.

With Jatropha as one of the most precious biofuel feedstock in the market today, coming together to share research, project and technology updates and network and do business with Jatropha industry players is essential to ensure the growth of your Jatropha business.

That’s where the JatrophaWorld conferences step in. The JatrophaWorld series has established itself as the leading worldwide Jatropha conference series.

Whether you plan to learn more about Jatropha, set up your own jatropha project, expand the reach of your jatropha business, or interact with the Jatropha fraternity – Jatropha World is your one-stop venue for all your needs.

In 2008 alone, 1500 people from over 80 countries chose to be a part of the Jatropha World experience which ran to full auditoriums in Jakarta, Miami & Hamburg.

Jatropha World Asia 2009, the first conference Jatropha World series in 2009, promises to be bigger, better and more action packed than ever before. At JatrophaWorld Asia 2009, you will receive updates on the developments across the Asian Jatropha landscape, as well as new technologies in cultivation & processing.

Don’t miss out on the following KEY highlights including:-

  • Jatropha Development and Planting experience in China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Mekong Region
  • Business Model of Commercial Production – from Plantation to Biodiesel Production
  • Latest developments in planting materials and breeding
  • Showcase of oil extraction and conversion technologies
  • Jatropha Oil – Characteristics, Quality, Storage and Shipping

Watch this space for all the latest updates on the conference, and in the mean time, if you are seeking more information on opportunities to participate as sponsors, media partners, exhibitors and or delegates at JatrophaWorld Asia 2009, visit the EVENT PAGE or contact our team member, Ms. Nadia Al Bahar at (65) 6346 9114 or email at nadia@cmtsp.com.sg.