Biomass World 2009 Conference welcomed by International Biomass sector! Top Decision Makers came from over 26 countries.

March 27, 2009 | Comments Off on Biomass World 2009 Conference welcomed by International Biomass sector! Top Decision Makers came from over 26 countries.

The Biomass World 2009 conference attracted leading Biomass & Bio Energy professionals from around the world. Companies, International Agencies and Government Departments send their top level personnel to the conference because of the customized educational value and high-level networking opportunities available at this event.

The chart below is representative of the profile of companies that participated in the recently concluded Biomass World 2009 conference in Jakarta. The mix of companies was even, with all major sectors in the Biomass Value chain evenly represented at the conference. This made networking particularly valuable for delegates at the conference.


Delegates at Biomass World 2009 included top management and other key representatives of the world’s leading biomass and BioEnergy companies and bodies. The chart below represents the profile of delegates at Biomass World 2009 by job title. The two largest groups of participants at this conference are Chief Executives and Managing Directors- Biomass World 2009 attracts the decision makers in the industry.


Biomass World 2009 in Jakarta was a truly international conference, with participants coming from all over the world; 26 countries to be exact. Representatives came from the following countries (highlighted in red on the map) to attend Biomass World 2009:-


Participants at Biomass World 2009 were very satisfied with their experience at the Biomass World 2009 conference. The median rating for the conference was “Good” with a significant proportion calling the conference “Very Good!” (Scale: Very Good, Good, Satisfactory, Poor)

Biomass World 2009 attendees in particular identified the following areas of focus as most relevant and useful:

  • International Energy Association’s presentations on the future prospects of biomass to energy and 2nd generation biofuels.
  • Practical operational experience utilizing palm, rice husks and sugar cane bagasse for power generation (on issues such as moist control of palm, etc).
  • Technical presentation on pyrolysis and gasification.
  • Progress of cellulosic ethanol towards commercialization.

Biomass World 2009 in Jakarta was a truly international conference, with on the dot insights on the most pressing issues within the Biomass industry. The conference attracted the top management of some of the world’s most influential companies and government & international agencies in the industry.

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Biomass World 2009 (focus on Waste to Energy) in Shanghai in October 2009, another top-notch must attend Biomass conference brought to you by the Biomass World team!

JatrophaWorld Asia 2009 Participants’ Feedback Says it All! JatrophaWorld 2009 Continues its Run as World’s Most Relevant & Important Jatropha Forum.

March 5, 2009 | 1 Comment

JatrophaWorld Asia 2009 convened in Kuala Lumpur on 16-17 February 2009. The KL event was the first leg of the eagerly anticipated JatrophaWorld 2009 conference series, and took the JatrophaWorld experience to a whole new level.regulars like Mike Vanstone, Director at New World Energy who is developing a Jatropha project in Indonesia, said “I enjoyed JatrophaWorld Asia 2009 even more than I did JatrophaWorld 2008!
JatrophaWorld participants shared some frank feedback on the topics that they found most relevant, the issues that they found to be most important to their business, and why they chose to attend JatrophaWorld Asia 2009.

In fact, one of the participants, a Purchasing Division Representative from South Korea’s Dongkuk R&S gave the conference a ‘Silver Star‘ rating, and said, “We have little information about Jatropha, so it was great to participate and see all the important data and hear first hand experiences.

Other top level executives who gave JatrophaWorld Asia 2009 their two thumbs up rating included the Director of ASA Consulting, who came all the way from France. She said, “JatrophaWorld Asia 2009 was a very interesting experience. It fulfilled all my Expectations!

Most participants were very satisfied with the knowledge shared by the JatrophaWorld Asia panellists. The Vice-Director of the Vietnam’s Research Institute for Oil Plants (IOOP) noted, “I learned a lot from the speakers, which is useful for my work in Jatropha.

But what got everyone singing praises were the extensive networking opportunities during the JatrophaWorld Asia 2009 program.

The Global Feedstock Manager from Finland’s Neste Oil, a major end-user of Jatropha oil said about the networking, “Everyone I met at JatrophaWorld Asia 2009 are deep into the subject and many have actual experience.” She was able to gain some first-hand perspectives from key Jatropha suppliers which was the largest group of people present at the event.

Others, including a Research Officer from Malaysia’s Agro Biotechnology Institute said, “I really found the networking very useful. I was able to exchange ideas and technologies with key Jatropha players & researchers.” She said this while sharing about the diverse group of people within the Jatropha value chain that she got to meet.

These testimonials come from real players in the Jatropha community, who have a vested interest in Jatropha and play a significant role in the race to end the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

As the Plantations Manager from D1-Williamson Magor Biofuel Ltd, one of India’s largest Jatropha projects remarked “JatrophaWorld plays a significant role in the consolidation of the Jatropha and Biodiesel industries.”

Attending 2nd JatrophaWorld Americas on 10-11 June 2009 in Miami, USA will be the best thing you will do for your Jatropha business.

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