Can 100% of Jatropha Plant be Commercially Viable? Expert Shares Surprising Facts About Jatropha ‘Residue’

April 15, 2009 | 1 Comment

Entrepreneurs around the globe are finding new ways to monetize the Jatropha plant thanks to the pioneering research of World-renowned Jatropha expert Dr. William Ludwig Nolten. In a groundbreaking video presentation, Dr. Nolten shares how easy it is to utilize 100% of the Jatropha plant for biofuel, biodiesel and other profit generating revenue streams. To receive free access to this presentation, please visit

nolten_dvdcover_250pxMiami, Florida,  April 15, 2009 – In a time when many industries are shrinking or closing down altogether, Jatropha plantation management continues to expand and grow. For one, Jatropha has proven itself as a profitable source of biofuel and as an alternative energy resource.

And now, thanks to the pioneering research of renowned Jatropha expert Dr. William Ludwig Nolten, entrepreneurs are discovering how to take 100 % advantage of the Jatropha plant. For example, Dr. Nolten’s research reveals that Jatropha seedcake and biomass revenues can exceed returns from the sale of Jatropha oil.

In his groundbreaking presentation, “Utilization Technology of Jatropha Seedcake and Residues,” Dr. Nolten shares some startling revelations about the future of Jatropha curcas and growing Jatropha.

“Our strategy is to generate income for the farmers so that they keep maintaining the fields,” Dr. Nolten remarks. He adds, “We make and keep the land fertile and the yields high . . . we keep the plantation owners, investors, farmers and the local community happy . . . and we keep the planet healthy!”

As Asia Director of Waterland Group and cutting-edge Jatropha researcher, Dr. Nolten is widely considered one of the industry’s leading experts. The Waterland Group has planted over 60,000 hectares of Jatropha in Indonesia and has over 12,000 hectares already producing oil.

Jatropha seeds and biomass residues are not waste substances . . . you can convert everything to make your project a success” notes Dr. Nolten.

Dr. Nolten’s presentation, made at the Jatropha World Asia 2009 conference, was one of the highest rated in terms of usefulness and relevance. In this exclusive video, Dr. Nolten shares how to utilize all parts of the Jatropha plant for biofuel and a whole lot more:

  • Marketing Jatropha seedcakes and residues to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • How to tap into the very profitable biogas market.
  • Trading seed kernel meal as a highly lucrative livestock feed ingredient.
  • Creating organic fertilizer and soil conditioner from Jatropha agricultural waste.
  • Making agro-energy pellets for the cooking and heating needs of rural areas.
  • And much more . . .

The free video presentation is being released as part of the 2nd Jatropha World Americas 2009 conference initiatives. To receive instant access to Dr. Nolten’s video presentation, visit

The 2nd Jatropha World Americas 2009 itself promises to be one of the most important conferences for the Jatropha industry to date.

With the global energy crisis continuing to weigh on the world economy, Jatropha has become an important alternative fuel source. This year’s event will bring together the industry’s top agronomists and scientists, investors and financiers, biodiesel refiners, seed and equipment suppliers as well as government officials and NGO representatives.

It is one of the largest gatherings of individuals united by their interest in Jatropha and features a diverse schedule of expert speakers, industry roundtables and networking breakout sessions. For anyone involved with Jatropha, it is a must-attend conference.

The 2nd Jatropha World Americas 2009 is being held in Miami, Florida, on June 10 and 11, 2009.  To register for the event, visit .

About the 2nd Jatropha World Americas 2009
The 2nd Jatropha World Americas 2009 brings industry experts and leaders together to collaborate and share relevant emerging strategies that will guide, inspire and assist key Jatropha sector influencers with critical gap analysis; risk evaluations; trend and opportunity identifications in support of commercialization and growth of Jatropha in Asia and around the world. The 2nd Jatropha World Americas is organized by the Centre for Management Technology, whose mission focuses on providing access to the latest technology and business intelligence through high profile alternative energy conferences.

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Frank Views on Project Financing for Biomass – Explore What Investors are Looking for to Overcome Investment Barriers & Risks.

April 8, 2009 | Comments Off on Frank Views on Project Financing for Biomass – Explore What Investors are Looking for to Overcome Investment Barriers & Risks.

At the recently concluded Biomass World 2009 conference in Jakarta, “Innovative Financing for Biomass Projects”, a speech by Frédéric CRAMPÉ, Managing Director of ReEx Capital Asia Pte Ltd made the audience sit up and pay close attention.

With the ailing global economy, the question of funding for Biomass projects is pressing. Staying ahead of the current economic reality requires creativity, flexibility and innovation on the part of the project developer.

It also requires the project developer to understand the decision-making processes that shape Biomass project funding.

Frédéric CRAMPÉ’s spoke plainly on the current situation and pinpointed what the industry needed to overcome. He also discussed some of the crippling mistakes made by Biomass project developers while applying for financing.

However, the real reason why this presentation was so highly rated was in his innovative solutions and commonsense insights on re-aligning Biomass project to tap on the financing available.

In recognition of the relevance and importance of Frédéric CRAMPÉ’s speech, we are releasing the video recording of this presentation for the biomass community to benefit from his valuable insights in line with the Biomass World 2009 conference series.

The Biomass World 2009 Video will OPEN YOUR EYES to some very VALUABLE insights on financing your biomass projects.

Watch & find out:

  • The basic building blocks to structure your Biomass project for financing- the three-step approach.
  • Identify the key stakeholders in the Biomass value chain and the role of financing in the equation.
  • Zoom into the Risk Matrix for Biomass projects to understand the decision-making process of financiers.
  • Key risk mitigation measures for Biomass Projects- an Essential step to secure financing.

…Plus Many More…

Frédéric’s presentation was one of the highest rated speeches at Biomass World 2009 in Jakarta, with many attendees rating it as ‘relevant’, ‘useful’ and ‘time appropriate’.

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