Sandwiched between the Hype & Reality of Jatropha cultivation? Take 2 days off & Come to 2nd JatrophaWorld Americas for clarity…

October 9, 2009 | 2 Comments

While it is hard to untangle the impact of the global financial downturn from general disenchantment with jatropha itself, it is fair to say that the investment gotten way ahead of the plant science!

But if you see yourself in Jatropha for the long-haul, you should take 2 days off to attend 2nd JatrophaWorld Americas in Miami on 3-4 December, because here is a platform where you can fill in the gaps in your experience and knowledge of the jatropha business.

In short, we throw out the hype and ‘wishful thinking’, to present the scientific findings and valuable data you can use to take your Jatropha business to the next level.

In 2 days, you can get facts and valuable information on:

  • Improving the Productivity and Economics of Jatropha Projects
  • The Ideal Production Model for Commercial Jatropha Production
  • Securing Project Funding and Raising Capital during the Recession
  • Carbon Credits Potential for Jatropha Projects
  • Tapping Mechanized Harvesting, Tissue Culture Breeding & Jatropha Genomics research to improve your overall Jatropha productivity.
  • Effectively Expelling and Purifying your Jatropha oil for sale.
  • The primary buyers of Jatropha oil and their expectations.

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And of course, if you need a little extra help, you’ll really benefit from our “MINI Workshop”, a highly interactive session conducted by 3 leading Jatropha experts, which we have integrated into the 2nd JatrophaWorld Americas program.

The seminar style workshop on 4th December will take you through the entire Jatropha Biodiesel Value Chain Model, an approach designed to help you procure financing effectively, establish the principal Drivers of your business and enhance shareholder value. >>Find out more here<<

So what are you waiting for? Confirm your attendance at 2nd JatrophaWorld Americas, the best investment you will ever make for your Jatropha business. >>CLICK here to sign up<<

2 Established Jatro-Entrepreneurs shared valuable pointers on continuing the Jatropha success story on 30 Sep…

October 6, 2009 | 2 Comments

Will Jatropha become another ‘DotCom Bubble’?

How can the Jatropha industry consolidate and strengthen for the long-term?

A *F*R*E*E Webinar on 30 Sep entitled ‘Is the Jatropha sector becoming a DotCom Bubble?‘ offered a refreshing dose of realism on the Jatropha business. And if you missed the webinar, read on to find out how you can tune into the replay!

This must-listen session will provide insights on:

  • Re-evaluating your view of the Jatropha value chain to build a more viable business model.
  • Avoiding the mistakes of early, hype-based Jatropha projects.
  • Adopting a sensible approach to Jatropha cultivation and the business.
  • Tying Sustainable practices to long-term Jatropha success.

Get answers to vital issues & top concerns on Jatropha from the Experts…

Our 2 Guest Experts who shared at the Is the Jatropha sector becoming a DotCom Bubble? webinar:

JAMES SCRUBY – Director, Elsbett AG
James Scruby is a Director of Elsbett AG ( a company that has been involved in Jatropha since 1986! Elsbett AG has launched a series of engines and oil production equipment that operates entirely on pure Jatropha oil.  He is also CEO of Matrix Biofuels LLP and a Director at Viridesco Limited.  Over the last decade, he has focused on renewable energy encompassing many of the different renewable technologies.

CHRISTOPHER HUNTER Director, Viridesco Limited
Christopher Hunter is a Director, and Co-Founder of Viridesco Limited (, a Jatropha-oriented pure plant oil (PPO) biofuel company, with a 200 hectare, 4-year-old Jatropha project in Mozambique. Prior to co-founding Viridesco in late 2006, he worked in various finance roles, notably at Goldman Sachs as well as at a specialist environmental corporate finance advisory firm.

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