Biofuel Prediction for 2010? Jatropha’s Revival! Timely JatrophaWorld Conference Highlights Global Jatropha Commercialization Challenges.

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In January this year, Jim Lane, the editor of Biofuels Digest predicted that 2010 would be the year of Jatropha’s revival. Specifically, he said, “Jatropha will gain renewed interest and traction as a go-to feedstock for aviation biofuels.

Jim hit the nail in the head with his comment! Within a few weeks of this prediction, General Motors announced a 5-year partnership with the US Department of Energy, and India’s Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSMCRI) to demonstrate the commercial viability of Jatropha as biofuel feedstock. Jatropha was also blasted into Space as part of NASA’s “Alternative Energy Crops in Space” study, which aims to study if microgravity can help Jatropha Curcas plant cells grow faster.

With such high profile headlines, it is clear that Jatropha is back for 2010! And the time is ripe to tackle unanswered questions spanning the Propagation, Cultivation, Pruning, Harvesting, Oil Extraction, Processing and Marketing of Jatropha, to speed up the commercialization of Jatropha Cultivation.

JatrophaWorld 2010, meeting in Rotterdam from 6-7 October offers much-needed clarity!

The JatrophaWorld conference is back for 2010, to take up the mantle as the global meeting point for the Jatropha community to interact and exchange ideas on charting the right way forward to meet the Jatropha Commercialization challenge. In a nutshell, JatrophaWorld 2010 will provide a true depiction of Jatropha’s potential, with insights and updates on the latest developments in Jatropha cultivation, processing, R&D and marketing. Conference highlights include:

  • Experiences of Jatropha Growers in: Africa, North & South America, Asia
  • A-Z of Jatropha Production: Propagation, Cultivation, Pruning, Harvesting, Oil Extraction
  • Sustainable Jatropha Production – Environmentally and Socially Responsible Business Model
  • Optimized Project Development to maximize ROI for shareholders
  • R&D Advancements in Breeding & Yield Improvement
  • Application Technologies, including utilization of Jatropha Crude Oil, Biomass, Seedcake

Since 2008, JatrophaWorld conferences have benefitted over 1800 Jatropha stakeholders from over 100 countries. To be a part of this elite group, send in your registrations for JatrophaWorld 2010 today. Click on the link below to access our online registration form.


IEA Bioenergy Task Force 40 member Dr Martin Junginger shares his thoughts on the Biomass Power & Trade conference in Rotterdam.

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Want to know what you can look forward to at the Biomass Pellets Trade Asia conference in Jakarta on 24-25 September this year? This useful review of the recently concluded Biomass Power & Trade conference should help. Penned by Conference Chairman, Dr Martin Junginger from Utrecht University and IEA BioEnergy Task 40, the review outlines important information and insights retrieved from the Rotterdam conference. The global meet welcomed top biomass industry decision-makers, regulators and researchers from over 30 countries, and led to the creation of the spin-off conference Biomass Pellets Trade Asia.

Biomass Power & Trade Conference, Golden Tulip Hotel, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, March 11-12 2010

The first conference on biomass power & trade was organized by CMT Singapore with support from IEA Bioenergy Task 40 and the Port of Rotterdam. At this conference, biomass industry decision-makers, regulators and researchers from over 30 countries convened in Rotterdam to obtain industry updates and to exchange ideas and explore collaborations with the key stakeholders in the global Biomass industry. An overview of the 160 participants is shown in figure 1:

Figure 1 Overview of participants at the Rotterdam Biopower & Trade conference

Electricity from solid biomass is expected to play a vital role in achieving the 20% share of renewable energy in the EU by 2020. Despite the huge growth potential, the industry is not without its own set of challenges, key amongst them feedstock supply. The success depends, to a large degree, on the quantity and quality of biomass available, and on the industry’s ability to cost-effectively transport, handle and utilize biomass for energy production.

The conference had invited a panel of Biomass Power producers, Biomass producers, Traders, Key European regulators and technology experts to discuss the EU’s pending bioenergy mandates, sustainability issues, certification, global biomass trade, and upcoming technologies.

In one session, a number of large European utilities currently cofiring biomass for power (Essent, Electrabel, and E.On) presented their experiences from the past years and future ambitions. Both Essent and Electrabel are already co-firing (largely-imported) biomass for a number of years, and presented ambitious scenarios for future increase of biomass co-firing for power generation.

In another key session, the possible global supply of solid biomass was discussed with speakers from five continents, providing an overview of biomass use and export potential in Australia, the Baltic States, Brazil, China and Canada. Especially in Australia, the Baltics, and Brazil, the large future potential of dedicated energy crops for exports was highlighted. Based on both demand projections and possible supply, the Port of Rotterdam displayed future scenarios in which the European wood pellet  demand increased to 130 -200 million tonnes, of which roughly 30% could be traded and trans-shipped internationally.

Other topics discussed during both days included the role of pretreatment technologies such as pyrolysis and torrefaction (and how they could facilitate long-distance trade), the financing requirements for international biopower value chains (and how a biotrade equity fund could bring about such investments), and the interaction of biomass and CO2– markets.

On both days the ongoing development of sustainability criteria for solid and liquid biomass was heavily discussed, with two speakers from the European Commission and several experts from Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. So far, the European Commission has only defined mandatory sustainability requirements for liquid biomass, and only recommend that individual member countries develop similar voluntary criteria for solid biomass.

One of the remarkable outcomes of the discussions were that the large-scale users and traders of solid biomass largely would support the introduction of EU-wide mandatory sustainability criteria for solid biomass in order to avoid mushrooming of different national systems.

Figure 2 Roundtable on sustainability criteria and certification systems for solid and liquid biomass

Day two was finalized with a session on bio char, including an overview of the current developments of biochair soil sequestration (as an alternative to energy use), the concomitant environmental challenges in biochar production and soil/water applications, and the possibilities to develop new materials from biomass through hydrothermal carbonization.

Next to the presentations, the conference also provided ample opportunity for networking for the participants, for example during a 2 hour cruise on the Maas river through the port of Rotterdam.

Figure 3 Networking whilst cruising through the Port of Rotterdam

In summary, the conference provided an excellent overview of ongoing developments and future trends in trade and use of solid biomass for electricity production, and highlighted the issues that the industry will have to face in order to further develop this market successfully.

Asia’s 1st Biomass Pellets conference in Jakarta offers Biomass buyers an opportunity to meet region’s top pellets producers & suppliers.

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The Biomass Pellets Trade Asia conference is meeting in Jakarta-INDONESIA on 27-28 September 2010. The conference, touted as the “Global Buyers & Asia Sellers Meet” is Asia’s first Biomass conference targeted at Biomass Pellet producers and biomass buyers and consumers from Asia, Europe, Americas and beyond.

This conference comes in response to rapidly growing global demand for Biomass (Agricultural and Forestry Residues, Energy Crops and Wood Pellets). Traditionally, biomass resources were consumed primarily in the region where they were produced, but the current trend of large-scale use of biomass energy, coupled with advances in pre-treatment technologies and transportation, is creating a need for international trade.

Biomass Pellets Trade Asia will provide essential insights on Biomass Trade, covering the entire value chain for the Biomass commodity from Pretreatment to Transportation. Highlights include:

  • Global wood pellets supply & demand for power generation
  • Rise of agri-biomass & energy crops (palm kernel shells, EFB, coconut husk, rice husk, sugar bagasse, algae, jatropha, etc)
  • Pricing & sustainability criteria for biomass
  • Storage & terminal investments
  • Improving handling over long haul shipping
  • Merits of pretreatment technologies (densification, pelletizing, torrefactions, etc)

Biomass Pellets Trade Asia is a spin-off to the successful Biomass Trade & Power conference, which convened Top Biomass industry decision-makers, Regulators and Researchers from over 30 countries in Rotterdam on 10-11 March this year. The conference attracted sponsorship and support from the Port of Rotterdam, IEA BioEnergy Task Force 40 and the Rotterdam Biomass Commodities Network (RBCN).

Those keen to participate in the Biomass Pellets Trade Asia can look forward to:

“A Powerful Conference” ~BHC Moerdijk*

“…Enlightenment on Biomass” ~TSCHUDI Shipping*

“ …Honesty from Speakers & a good mix of participants…” ~ DONG Energy*

“Great Topics, Useful Networking, Business Chances” ~ Eco-Frontier*

“An Enjoyable & Beneficial Experience” ~ Green Coal South Africa*

(*Excerpts of Participant Reviews of the Biomass Trade & Power conference)

The Biomass Pellets Trade Asia conference will follow on the success of the Biomass Power & Trade conference, and once again serve as a “…valuable contribution towards realizing the global Biomass market…” (Review from E-ON Climate & Renewables).

Those keen on participating as delegates, media partners and sponsors at the Biomass Pellets Trade Asia can send their enquiries to