Port of Rotterdam Researchers Share Key Opportunities & Challenges in Biomass from Palm & Rice.

May 5, 2010

Are Biomass residuals from the Palm & Rice Industry a risky business or a huge opportunity?

In June 2009, Ewout Kalkman, Sietske Trompert & Rogier Strijbos published an important report for the Amsterdam Research Project (Port of Rotterdam) that addressed the vital question:

Is it possible to utilize Asian biomass to meet growing demand?

Asia’s potential to supply biomass feedstock is well documented, but challenges remain over ensuring continuous supply for an industry that is still dependent on wood-chips and wood pellets.

How can Asia’s top 2 biomass sources, Oil Palm and Rice fill the gaps? Download the paper to find out:

  • What are potential export flows of Palm & Rice based biomass residuals from Indonesia and Malaysia
  • How can they be collected & processed.
  • How can they be transported to and stored in a local port for export to Europe?

This 77 page in-depth report provides valuable data on the quality and type of Rice and Palm biomass produced and the storage and transportation infrastructure in both countries. The report also shares insightful recommendations for investment decision making, and offers a foretaste of what you can look forward to at the Biomass Pellets Trade Asia conference, meeting in Jakarta on 27-28 September. >>Find out more here<<

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