Api Nova Energia / SAB srl Share Perspectives on Jatropha Investments at JatrophaWorld 2010

July 19, 2010

‘ESV Group Plc, the agribusiness and logistics investment company, announces the signing of a definitive Agreement for the sale of its Jatropha plantations business and associated assets in Mozambique to SAB Mozambique SA, a company controlled by two Italian energy companies, Api Nova Energia SrL and Seci Energia SpA.’
Source: http://www.investegate.co.uk/article.aspx?id=200911230700038754C

SAB srl, a joint venture between, Api Nova Energia Srl and Seci Energia SpA, had in November last year acquired the Jatropha plantations business of ESV Group PLC, a London-based provider of transportation and logistics services. They have also have started a pilot plantation in Ghana with the option to further develop 105,000 hectares.

On the other hand, Api Nova Energia is on their own, developing greenfield projects in Brazil. They have an out-farming project of 25,000 hectares in Brazil, of which 1000 hectares have already been planted.

JatrophaWorld 2010 is privileged to have Mr. Alessandro Berti, Business Development Manager of Api Nova and Business Development Manager – Bioenergy division of SAB join us in Rotterdam on the 6-7 October to tell us more about the progress of their three projects and share underlying factors which drove the Italian energy giants to invest in Jatropha.

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