Mechanical Jatropha harvester successfully trialed in Honduras

August 2, 2010

In Honduras, the Agroipsa Farm in Choluteca has deployed the BEI Jatropha Wave Harvester, a mechanical harvesting system for Jatropha which has successfully completed an eight-month trial of the system, according to BEI International, the harvester’s manufacturer. The system was used for mechanical harvest of a 550 hectare plantation of three-year old jatriopha.

Max Lint of BEI reports, “It is feasible to grow and harvest Jatropha on a commercial scale. We are working with many Jatropha growers around the world that have a need for our Jatropha harvester. We are currently working on a Jatropha harvester sale in Hawaii and another in Brazil.”


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Global Jatropha Practitioners’ Roundtable (on Honduras’ jatropha industry)

Presented by: Mr. David Erazo, General Manager, Agroipsa

Advances in Mechanical Harvesting

  • Results from field trials
  • Plantation design to suit mechanical harvesting
  • Costs and economics

Presented by: Mr. Max Lint, President/CEO, BEI International LLC

Advances in Mechanical Harvesting

  • Harvesting in Africa, experiences and results
  • Different harvesting methods
  • Future challenges with mechanization

Presented by: Mr. Toni Sandholm, Sales Manager, Rakennustempo Oy

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