TNT, Moving the World with Jatropha Project in Malawi

August 17, 2010

TNT, WFP and local Malawian partner BERL (Bio energy Resources Ltd) are building a sustainable Jatropha business in Malawi that will give local smallholder farmers a new cash crop to grow and harvest that will create a reliable source of income.

The Jatropha project aims to alleviate poverty in third world countries by the most sustainable means possible. This fits seamlessly within TNT’s efforts to fight the root causes of hunger. And by the cultivation of Jatropha trees, TNT can compensate for its own CO2 emissions which will help TNT reach its goal to be carbon neutral in the year 2015. The Jatropha project is also completely aligned with WFP’s goal to support long term solutions to the hunger challenges.

The cultivation of Jatropha tackles several challenges in one go:

  • The alleviation of poverty and protection from food shortages. By growing and selling the Jatropha nuts, farmers’ income levels will improve in a more sustainable way, providing food security.
  • It fights the financial problems in Malawi with the creation of an additional income for farmers, and the replacement of fossil-fuel import with bio-energy production.
  • Growing Jatropha trees has positive effects on the environment as it produces ‘green’ fuels, compensates for CO2 emissions an prevents deforestation.
  • It combats the energy crisis in Malawi as Jatropha produces sources of energy (e.g. candles and firewood)


For more information on TNT’s Jatropha project, join them at JatrophaWorld 2010 on 6 October in Rotterdam, as they further discuss on;

  • Challenges of Building an Integrated Sustainable Biofuels Business Supported by Small Scale Farmers in Malawi
    Presented by Mr. Willem Jan van Wijk, Managing Director, TNT N.V.

Click here for the latest agenda.


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