Just Released! Exclusive White Paper on “Wood Pellets Markets & International Trade”

December 7, 2010

In conjunction with the 2nd Biomass Trade & Power Summit to be held in Rotterdam on 16-18 March 2011 CMT unveils an exclusive offer!

2nd Biomass Trade & Power

The “Wood Pellets Markets and International Trade” white paper is the latest collaborative effort between CMT and Ronald Zwart, Director, CKade BV. This 17-page paper provides a comprehensive review on

  • Industrial wood pellet market dynamics & expected economic performance
  • Economic applications of biomass, including energy production
  • Roadmap for a sustainable bioenergy industry
  • Current financing mechanisms
  • Analysis on future of CO2 emission trading
  • Price benchmarks & trading tools
  • Developments in international biomass trade
  • Future wood pellet markets with supply/demand data & projections

Designed specifically for biomass producers, exporters, industrial utilities, procurement managers for industrial pellets, buyers, traders, shipping/logistics services providers and financial institutions, it serves as a valuable tool.

Besides, this must-read paper will be a vital reference guide for presentations featured at the 2nd Biomass Trade & Power Summit.

“Wood Pellets Markets and International Trade” white paper is now available to you as a complimentary download!

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