Evodos Centrifuge Reaches Positive Energy Balance for Algae Dewatering

August 5, 2011

In the Netherlands, Evodos announced that recent field measurements on its centrifugal systems machines showed that the energy requirement has dropped to below 1 kWh per cubic meter feed flow. The company said that this provides a positive energy balance in harvesting algae. Marco Brocken, CEO of Evodos says: “At energy cost of € 0,08/kWh and a 0,1% concentration (1 g/liter), the energy cost for harvesting is only Euro 0,08 per kilo of dry material. That is not only good for CO2 sequestration projects but excellent for producing fuel from algae too.”

Source: Biofuel Digest, June 21, 2011 (http://biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2011/06/21/evodos-centrifuge-reaches-positive-energy-balance-for-algae-dewatering)

Algae World Australia will assemble – under one roof – expert panelists who are committed to sharing with you frank insights and useful information on:

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We’re talking about leaders in the algae industry like Mr. Marco Brocken, CEO of Evodos B.V.

At Algae World Australia in Queensland, you will receive the latest “insider” information straight from Mr. Brocken himself. All algae that MBD Energy produces are harvested with Evodos’s harvesters. Straight form the start.

Mr. Brocken will explain why MBD Energy has chosen for Evodos as their workhorse for harvesting. He will address the advantages of harvesting the algae alive as a completely dewatered paste and without chemicals. Insight will be given to the energy balance, that is highly positive. You will hear – first hand – the low cost per metric ton harvested and the path to harvesting on industrial scale.

Mr. Brocken will accompany you to the optional site visit at MBD Energy where he can spend more time with you on a one to one basis if desired.

That is just the tip of the iceberg!

At Algae World Australia, top Algae experts from across the globe will be joining Mr Brocken. They will be sharing their perspectives on other key issues central to the commercialization of your algae project.

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Picture: Mr L. Sirmans, Technical Director of MBD Energy next to one of his Evodos harvesters

Algae World Australia 2011


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