“Where Does Algae Stand Today? Critical Industry Survey Reveals Startling Findings.”

In an exclusive survey conducted at Algae World 2008 in Singapore, we asked all 150 participants to answer 10 Questions on their understanding of the Algae Value Chain.

The Algae industry has been enjoying unprecedented growth because of the resurging interest in Algae as a biofuel feedstock, an option that was explored in the 1970s during the oil shocks.

The fact remains, that there is relatively little known about the Algae Industry, mainly because experts often are tied down by nondisclosure agreements with companies and are unable to share a lot on their algal production experiences.

The algal industry also seems to be lacking credibility because of grandiose claims made by companies that omit reporting actual production figures with the intent of attracting capital investors.

Taking all of this into consideration, The Algal Industry Survey was designed to find out where the industry stands, identify critical gaps in knowledge and strategy and to provide direction for research, development and demonstration priorities.

The Survey Findings brought to light startling insight into what key players in Algae sector really need.

Survey responses came from 137 participants at the inaugural Algae World 2008 in Singapore in November and included scientists, project developers, academics and investors, at all stages of knowledge and experience in the industry.

As per the survey findings, the Industry identified key issues including:

  • Stable production systems
  • Lack of trained personnel
  • Strain selection
  • Ideal location for Algae project
  • Costs

    The respondents also recommended measures to move the algae industry forward and these included:
  • Better access to information
  • Increase in public and private funding fro Algal R&D
  • Stronger education and training
  • Frank discussion of production issues
  • Better networking and collaboration.

The Brains behind the Algae Industry Survey
— Algae Evangelist Dr. Mark Edwards

algae biodiesel expertWe were honoured to work with dedicated Algae evangelist Dr. Mark Edwards, Director of GreenIndependence.org on the inaugural Algae Industry Survey at the Algae World 2008 conference in Singapore.

Dr. Edwards heads Green Independence, an Algae Collaboratory that brings together scientists, academics, practitioners, students and communities who share knowledge and biotechnology tools to bring algae’s full promise to the world.

He was moderator at the highly rated “Algae Biofuels: The REAL Story” Webinar last year in November, which saw participation from over 300 people from all over the world. Dr. Edwards’ recently released book, “Green Algae Strategy” has been enjoying considerable success and rave reviews from peers and industry experts.

Dr. Edwards conceptualised the idea of the Algae Industry survey because he realized the need to measure where the industry stands and what needs to be done to move forward as an industry towards commercialization.

Dr. Edwards computed and analyzed the Algae Industry Survey, and has compiled a well organised, easy to read and thorough report that links data to meaningful insights and provides you with a wealth of useful information on the Algae value chain.

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