Important News about Algae Biodiesel and Bioethanol!  Algae fuel is an alternative energy source whose time has come.  A new report explains why.

“Can Algae Biodiesel's Rise from Small Beginnings Result in Commercialization Success? New Report Reveals All"


Algae Biofuel and Bioethanol– Reducing Dependency on Fossil Fuel
n 'Opportunities and Challenges in Biofuels Production', respected analyst Dr John R Benemann reveals key insights into the current reality, opportunity and challenges of Algae Biofuel and Bioethanol cultivation, harvesting, and processing. It’s a subject of growing interest around the world.

Some of the best minds on the planet, including scientists at Exxon-Mobil, Shell, Chevron, KLM Dutch Airlines, and even the USA’s Department of Defense are racing to be the first to commercialize algae biofuel.

And no wonder.

  • Algae is rich in oil

  • Algae consumes nearly twice its weight in carbon dioxide,

  • Algae farming doesn't require good cropland.

  • Algae grows in fresh water, polluted water, sea water or farm runoff.

Algae Biodiesel and Bioethanol from the Ground Up
Dr. Benemann’s latest report covers the key areas concerning
algae biodiesel and bioethanol and algae fuel production, including:

  • Algae’s true potential as biofuel feedstock.

  • Current cultivation and harvesting practices.

  • The economics of producing algae biodiesel and bioethanol.

  • The challenges of producing biodiesel from algae.

  • A comparison of open pond and photo bioreactors.

  • Projecting long-term ROI for algae fuel.

  • Ways to maximize returns.

The report also addresses broader issues including:

  • The need for reliable and low cost processes.

  • Upcoming applications.

  • Emerging technologies in Algae Biofuel production.

It is a thoughtful, comprehensive examination of:

Algae Biodiesel and Bioethanol…
One of the most important topics of the 21st Century

Dr. John Benemann and Algae Biofuel
Dr. Benemann has worked in the area of biofuels, in particular microalgae biofuels, greenhouse gas abatement and environmental biotechnologies, for over 30 years. He was a participant in the US Dept. of Energy “Aquatic Species Program” and published 'Opportunities and Challenges in Biofuels Production' in 1998. It is widely considered as one of the most comprehensive publications on the potential of oil from algae.

This critical position paper on algae biodiesel and bioethanol is being distributed FREE in conjunction with Algae World 2008, an algae conference that will be held in Singapore on November 17 and 18.

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