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This 20-minute video provides compelling insights
on the complete biomass-to-biofuels value chain,
as well as issues and challenges in commercialisation.

What is the Real STORY behind the Biomass-to-Biofuels option? Is this the right sector to invest in?

Get your answers from our exclusive Biomass World 2009 sneak peek video that provides extensive analysis of the costs, economics and geographic merits of the Biomass-to-Biofuels option.

Biomass World 2009 is offering this “Prospects of Biomass to Liquid Fuels” video presentation as a lead up to the main event to take place in Jakarta on the 9 & 10 February 2009. It features insights from Dr. Larry Song, General Manager of NEXANT Shanghai on the potential of Biomass-to-Liquids.

In this critical video, Dr. Song touches on the factors driving change in the industry, explores possible feedstock, discusses technology options, dissects the economics and raises opportunities for integration.

“Prospects of Biomass to Liquid Fuels” guarantees a realistic
snapshot of the industry for your investment decision making,
and answers the critical questions like:

  • Where is the Biomass-to-Liquid fuels Industry heading?
  • What are the challenges posed by refiners on the sector?
  • What’s impeding the development of Biomass-to-Liquid fuels?
  • What are the latest Technological developments?
  • What are the emerging Biomass feedstocks?
  • How does Biomass interface with the refining, power & chemical industries?
  • What are the latest developments in Biobutanol production?

Dr. Song also touches on other first and second generation feedstocks like natural oils, sugars, starches & whole grains, and provides a thorough comparison of the extensive Biofuels sector.

Don’t miss out on Dr. Song’s video! "Prospects of Biomass to Liquid Fuels" was rated as one of the top presentations by the over 100 key industry representative who attended the Biomass World 2008 summit in Beijing on 23-24 September 2008.

And Now we are making it available to you for FREE!

Dr. Larry Song has over 25 years of industrial experience with companies like BP & ExxonMobil and is a leading expert in biomass conversion and bio-refinery.  He has managed numerous projects in over 22 other countries including China & the U.S, advising on the technical, economic, commercial and strategic planning aspects of biomass to energy projects.

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