Biomass Trade & Power Series Announces Americas Dates and Venue

October 4, 2010 | 5 Comments

After a successful first Biomass Trade & Power conference in Rotterdam earlier in March which attracted over 150 attendees from 26 countries, CMT and ardent supporter, IEA Bioenergy Task 40 are proud to announce Biomass Trade & Power Americas to be held in Atlanta on 23-25 February 2011.

2011 Biomass Trade & Power Americas will feature experiences from experts plus discussions on the latest regulatory, strategic, economics including technological factors shaping the US’ biomass industry and utilisation.

Some of the key Program Highlights include;

  • DOE’s direction on biomass utilization in energy/utilities sectors
  • US & European utilities’ expectations for biomass-based initiatives
  • Changes in renewable energy policy & impact on trade
  • Opportunities in Southeast’s biomass to energy
  • Identifying gaps between technological & capital investments
  • Getting in the specifics of wood pellets & wood chips for export & co-firing
  • Making economics from logistics & handling of biomass

But for now, check out the details below on the participant mix and feedback from the last Biomass Trade & Power, Rotterdam in March 2010


Biomass Trade & Power Americas


“Truly impressed! I have no pre-conceptions but the honesty of the speakers and mix of participants provided a medium for understanding across the biomass complex.” Dong Energy

“A valuable contribution to realising the biomass market through clear communication of the practical realities:” E.ON Climate & Renewables

“Good topics, useful networking, business chances.” Eco-Frontier

“Very well organised, high quality topics and topics.” Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development

“A good opportunity to meet important players of biomass. Growing market!” Kema Consulting

“Biomass a powerful opportunity” CCI Italy

Meet top Biomass industry traders, producers and industry experts at Biomass Pellets Trade Asia conference in Jakarta.

September 12, 2010 | 18 Comments

This is your last chance to register & network with Biomass Pellets Trade Asia’s excellent mix of industry attendees from 27 to 29 September in Jakarta.

Already confirmed are various participants from Asia (60%), Australia & New Zealand (6%), and Europe (34%). The key industry breakdown is as follows:

Biomass Pellets Trade Asia 2010

At Biomass Pellets Trade Asia, your networking experience will continue beyond the conference room. On top of 8 hours of dedicated networking time, we are proud to invite you on our specially organized extras:

  • Post conference workshop on “Torrefaction Technologies and Economics”, &
  • “Site visit to wood pellets” production plant near Jakarta.

Click here for the full two-day agenda or email today for information on last minute registrations.

Opportunities for Global Equipment Suppliers in Asia, more opportunities to discover at Biomass Pellets Trade Asia

August 29, 2010 | 13 Comments

The last decade has witnessed a change in biomass power generation in Asia, where most of the plants are now designed for multi-fuel operation.

Over the last 10 years, there has been a considerable change in biomass power generation in Asia. Indeed, owing to the scarcity and cost of biomass fuel, most power plants are in fact designed for multi-fuel and unconventional fuels. This creates several challenging issues in combustion and boiler maintenance, demanding improvised combustion technologies, modern fuel preparation and handling systems, for example.

In the last decade, several new approaches to power plant implementation and technology have also been introduced. Despite these challenges, the regional potential for agricultural and wood based multi-fuel biomass power plants is very high and the market is attractive. The highest potential in Asia exists in the sugar sector, followed by palm oil, rice, and wood industries and multi-fuel biomass power plants.

The most common and predominant biomass power plant fuels used in Asia are: bagasse, palm shell, palm fibre, rice husk and wood waste. Apart from these fuels, unconventional materials such as empty fruit bunches, corn cob, cassava rhizome, coffee husk and such like are also increasingly being used.

Source: Renewable Energy, 5 Aug 2010

For more information on Biomass business opportunities in Asia, attend Biomass Pellets Trade Asia on 27-29 September 2010 in Jakarta as invited speaker panel discusses;

  • Growth in co-firing & impact on wood pellets’ market dynamics
  • Rise of agro biomass & energy crops (Palm Kernel Shells (PKS), Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB), Rice Husk, Sugar Bagasse, Jatropha, Miscanthus, etc)
  • Pricing, specification & sustainability criteria for biomass
  • Investment & setting up pellets facility in Asia
  • Terminal investment, storage & handling
  • Economics of pretreatment technologies (Pelletizing, Torrefactions, etc)

Click here for Biomass Pellets Trade Asia full agenda.

Potential of Oil Palm Biomass in Malaysia Not Fully Tapped for Export

August 22, 2010 | 12 Comments

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia needs to tap the full potential of oil palm biomass like empty fruit bunches (EFB), palm fibre, palm kernel shells and palm oil mill effluent (POME) which can be developed into a renewable source of energy as well as high-income generating green products for export, said Plantation Industries and Commodities secretary-general Datuk Wira Ismail Salleh.

Of the total output from the oil palm tree, about 10% is palm oil while 90% is in the form of oil palm biomass which has yet to be fully exploited.

Source from article: Potential of oil palm biomass not fully tapped for export,,Tuesday August 3, 2010

More on rise of oil palm residue for export and power generation, will be addressed by our speakers at Biomass Pellets Trade Asia conference from 27 -29 September 2010 in Jakarta.

Featured presentation topics include:

  • A Waste to Become a New Commodity: Dawn of Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) for Power Generation

    Presented by :Mr. Michael Wild, CEO, Ebes AG

  • Rise of Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) for Export from Indonesia?

    Presented by :Mr. Dionixius Joko, PT. Piramida Indotama

  • Biomass utilization from Oil Palm and Jatropha Curcas

    Presented by : Mr. Tony Liwang, Division Head, PT Sinar Mas Agro Resources & Tech Tbk (SMART)

  • Palm Oil Residue as Potential Biomass Source for Power Generation

    Presented By: Mr. Jae-pil Song, Branch Head, Eco-Frontier

For updated details about the presentation and full program schedule please click here.

Konferensi Perdagangan Pelet Biomassa Asia, pertemuan pembeli dan penjual, eksplorasi investasi, densifikasi dan transportasi biomassa

July 30, 2010 | Comments Off on Konferensi Perdagangan Pelet Biomassa Asia, pertemuan pembeli dan penjual, eksplorasi investasi, densifikasi dan transportasi biomassa

Konferensi Perdagangan Pelet Biomassa Asia, akan diadakan 27-29 September di Jakarta, untuk mengeksplorasi potensi investasi dan transportasi teknologi densifikasi pelet biomassa dalam dan dari Asia.

Mengingat peraturan energi terbarukan yang belum jelas di Asia, pasokan biomassa yang melimpah telah menawarkan kesiapan ekspor untuk pasar seperti Thailand, Asia Utara dan di Eropa khususnya, di mana untuk memenuhi target tahun 2020 untuk energi terbarukan, Uni Eropa terhambat oleh kurangnya pasokan biomassa yang berkelanjutan..

Konferensi “Biomass Pellets Trade Asia” akan menitikberatkan pada kesempatan investasi, pertimbangan-pertimbangan penting untuk menyiapkan fasilitas produksi pellet di Asia dan teknologi terkini untuk pretreatment seperti densifikasi untuk mempermudah penanganan logistic dan transportasi biomassa.

Persediaan berlimpah di Asia dari sektor kehutanan/residu pertanian seperti cangkang dan sabut kelapa sawit, bagas tebu, sabut kelapa dan tanaman baru seperti pohon jarak, miskantus (rumput gajah) dll, menambahkan kesiapan sumber daya biomassa yang tersedia. Namun, hanya beberapa negara (Thailand, India dan Filipina) telah memperkenalkan Feed-in Tariff untuk energi terbarukan untuk mendorong penggunaan biomassa.

Para pemain kunci pada teknologii “Biomass to Power” akan bertemu pada Konferensi Perdagangan Pelet Biomassa Asia di Jakarta, Indonesia pada 27-29 September 2010 untuk mendiskusikan di mana, mengapa dan bagaimana sumber daya dari kehutanan dan residu pertanian dapat secara ekonomis dikonversi menjadi pelet biomassa untuk keperluan ekspor.

Akan dibuka secara resmi oleh Bapak Zulkifli Hasan, Menteri Kehutanan Republik Indonesia, konferensi ini akan mencari peluang dalam memanfaatkan konversi ‘limbah’ menjadi produk energi yang bernilai tambah tinggi. Pada event 2 hari ini akan ada juga kunjungan ke industri pelet kayu (dengan spesifikasi ekspor Uni Eropa) dan fasilitas produksi agro biomassa termasuk sesi komprehensif untuk mengolah biomassa yang akan diekspor ke Eropa serta perkembangan teknologi pra-perawatan/pre-treatment dan transportasi.

Para pakar dari Mitsubishi Corporation, Global Green Synergy Sdn. Bhd, Ebes AG dan para produsen dan eksportir telah diundang untukuntuk berbagi wawasan mereka tentang prospek dan tantangan ekspor biomassa serta kesempatan untuk berinvestasi pada fasilitas kehutanan terpadu untuk menghasilkan pelet.

Sebuah program khusus di konferensi ini adalah “post-conference workshop” tentang teknologi Torrefaction dan keekonomiannaya.Workshop ini dilakukan oleh forum panel yang akan menjelaskan tentang tinjauan komersial, teknologi dan end-user (pembangkit listrik) pada sudut pandang teknologi, nilai investasi, ekonomi dan aplikasi torrefied pellet (bio-batubara).

Untuk mencari informasi lebih lanjut tentang partisipasi dan sponsor & peluang pertukaran media pada Konferensi Perdagangan Pelet Biomassa Asia silahkan mengunjungi dengan segera.

Biomass for Power Generation – Meeting High Production Costs & Supply Challenges

July 8, 2010 | Comments Off on Biomass for Power Generation – Meeting High Production Costs & Supply Challenges

Drax has called for Britain to increase its support for biomass power generation, arguing that the source was flexible, plentiful and, with government support, could become economical.’ Reuters

‘The government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment incentivises public sector organisations to invest in additional small-scale biomass boilers, but investments in biomass equipment risk failing to meet operational targets as the country’s biomass supply will meet only 5-10% of projected demand by 2014 and large volume imports face significant supply chain risks, the report adds.’ RenewableEnergyFocus

In Europe, high production costs and lack of supplies impede the widespread use of biomass for power generation. Asia, on the other hand, with its rich agricultural resources, is still not as progressive in this aspect. Yet, the two continents are well suited to complement each other’s position. How so?

A Biomass Pellets Trade Asia conference, to be held on the 27-28 of September, will explore the possibilities of exporting biomass in Asia to feed Europe’s growing demand. On the agenda are topics such as:

  • Indonesia’s wood pellets – ready for export?
  • Sugar bagasse – managing local usage and export potential
  • Converting empty fruit bunch (EFB) to trade and export-ready product
  • Rise of palm kernel shells (PKS) for export from Indonesia?
  • Obstacles in maximizing Asia’s biomass resources – for power generation or exports?
  • Sugar bagasse for export or domestic power generation in Thailand

Conversely, sessions featuring Europe’s experience and technological prowess are also included in this 1.5 day event in Jakarta. Watch out for the next update for details on Europe related topics and speakers or email for more details.

“Dari Investasi, Densifikasi sampai Transportasi” – Biomass Pellets Trade Asia

June 24, 2010 | 2 Comments

“Pelet Kayu telah diidentifikasi sebagai salah satu bahan baku bioenergi pasar paling cepat berkembang, dan juga salah satu di mana ia menantang untuk memperoleh informasi yang dapat dipercaya.” ~ Marek Guizot, UK head of Forest & Wood Supply Strategies, Poyry

Asia dikaruniai sumber daya biomassa berlimpah agro-kehutanan / residu pertanian dari Palm, Tebu, Beras, Kelapa, Kayu dan Tanaman Energi muncul seperti jarak, miskantus atau Rumput Gajah. Untuk saat ini, feed-in tarif untuk energi terbarukan telah membuat kemajuan yang lambat di Asia. Hanya di Thailand, India dan Filipina, di mana insentif peraturan dilaksanakan, di dalam negeri tersedia agro-biomassa, seperti ampas tebu gula, tempurung kelapa dan sekam padi, adalah “aktif” dikumpulkan dan digunakan untuk mengurangi kekurangan pasokan listrik dan “out cokelat”. Investasi hijau seperti penerangan tidak disediakan hanya untuk rumah saja, tetapi juga meningkatkan kondisi kehidupan sosial dan lingkungan penduduk. Jadi, bisakan efek rantai ini akan menyebar ke seluruh Asia?

“Peningkatan permintaan untuk pelet di Eropa dan penurunan biaya pengangkutan laut telah menciptakan peluang-peluang baru bagi para produsen untuk ekspor pelet dari Amerika Serikat, Asia Tenggara dan Australia baru-baru ini.” ~ Wood pellets – A hot bioenergy source, Poyry

Secara tradisional, sumber daya biomassa dikonsumsi terutama di daerah di mana mereka diproduksi, tapi tren saat ini penggunaan skala besar energi biomassa, digabungkan dengan kemajuan teknologi pra-perawatan dan transportasi, adalah menciptakan kebutuhan untuk perdagangan internasional. Jadi, bisakah pelet kayu Asia dan agro biomassa akan “dipanen” dan diekspor untuk memenuhi permintaan di Eropa?

CMT’s Biomass Pellets Trade Asia memanggil semua peserta dalam rantai nilai “biomassa untuk pembangkit tenaga listrik” untuk datang ke Jakarta bulan September untuk melaksanakan “Global Buyers & Asia Sellets Meet “. Biomassa Pelet Asia Perdagangan bertujuan untuk memberikan penjelasan mendalam pada pasokan dan potensi investasi pelet kayu di Asia dan limbah pertanian (biomas), dan diskusi akan difokuskan untuk menangani isu-isu berikut:

  • Pertumbuhan penggunaan biomasa untuk Co-Firing Pembangkit Lisitrik & dampaknya pada dinamika pasar Wood Pelet
  • Berkembangnya of biomassa Agro & Tanaman Energi
    (Cangkang dan Tandan Kosong Sawit(TKS), Sekam Padi, Gula tebu, jarak, miskantus, dll)
  • Harga, Spesifikasi & Keberlanjutan Kriteria untuk biomassa
  • Investasi & Penyiapan Fasilitas Pelet Kayu di Asia
  • Investasi Terminal, Penyimpanan & Penanganan
  • Ekonomi dari teknologi pretreatment (Peletisasi, Torrefactions, dll)

Juga, yang tidak akan terlewatkan adalah acara pasca konferensi yaitu Workshop tentang Teknologi Torrefaction dan Ekonomi, yang dilakukan oleh sebuah panel ahli dimana akan memberikan perspektif yang luas secara komersial, teknologi dan pengguna akhir (pembangkit listrik).

Hal yang paling pokok dari Biomass Pellets Trade Asia akan membawa Anda ke realitas produksi pelet biomassa, dalam kunjungan ke industri pelet kayu (memenuhi spesifikasi ekspor ke Uni Eropa) dan fasilitas produksi agro biomassa. Anda akan memiliki kesempatan untuk memahami keselruhan matarantai pekerjaan dan berinteraksi dengan manajemen personalia dan operasional.

Jadikan acara ini menarik dan dimana terjadi transaksi bisnis. CMT’s Biomass Pellets Trade Asia menawarkan kesempatan baik untuk memiliki jaringan dengan pemain global dalam satu wadah! Segera daftarkan dengan tim Anda untuk menikmati diskon grup. Daftar email ke

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