Who cares what sort of fuel powers the plane? For most people, that’s a technical issue – best dealt with by aviation engineers. Airlines, however, are increasingly keen to come up with alternatives to petroleum-based jet fuel as they are facing mounting pressure to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. As Airlines are all set to […]

What is Jatropha? Is this ‘miracle plant’ the most viable feedstock for Biodiesel? At JatrophaWorld 2008, the answer to those questions and many more will be discussed for YOUR investment outlook. We at CMT, are very excited to tell you about the JatrophaWorld 2008 phenomenon! A series of three conferences aimed at presenting all the […]

At a point in time where the success of Jatropha investments are hinging on a better understanding of the crop, JatrophaWorld 2008 rode high on the enthusiasm surrounding Jatropha’s potential as Biodiesel feedstock and a source of renewable energy and poverty alleviation. JatrophaWorld 2008 Jakarta, held on 23-24 January 2008, saw over 350 Jatropha experts, […]