Besides processing into biodiesel, Jatropha oil also has proven itself to be a viable source of fuel for power generation and heating applications. In fact, many of the delegates we met at JatrophaWorld Jakarta and Miami had many examples to share about small scale Jatropha power generation plants for rural electrification projects in India & […]

Agroils Srl is the first Italian company created with the objective to become the reference partner for the development of sustainable biofuels starting from innovative feedstock as Jatropha and microalgae. Agroils is active in more than 16 sun-belt countries and it has provided its assistance to private investors, social entrepreneurs, governments, NGOs and businesses. Agroils […]

EBB has its headquarters in Brussels with an international staff. It’s members represent a wide scope of the EU member states and covering 85% of all EU biodiesel producers. EBB’s mission is: To promote the use of biodiesel in the European Union To gather EU biodiesel producers in order to project solidarity of the industry […]