Miami, FL (BUSINESSWIRE) September 24, 2008 – Is Jatropha a sustainable biofuel energy solution? Will growing Jatropha actually improve the lives of the poor across Asia and Africa? A world -renowned Jatropha expert claims the answer is “yes.” Dr. Hari M Behl, a Senior Fulbright fellow, has more than 100 publications, 10 books and 10 […]

Diligent Energy Systems is an innovative company that produces biofuels from tropical plants: biodiesel from Jatropha Curcas, and bio-ethanol from waste from coffee production in Colombia.  Corporate social responsibility Entrepreneur and founder Ruud van Eck attaches great value to sustainable entrepreneurship according to the principle of the three “P’s”: people; planet; and profit. People – […]

So many Jatropha projects are underway or planned for the next five years making the question “What makes a successful Jatropha project Tick” a very critical one for the industry as a whole! Let’s just look at the statistics. According to the report, “First Global Market Study on Jatropha” published by GEXSI, “the number and […]

GreenEnergy (GEV) is Vietnam’s First Mover in commercial jatropha cultivation.  For the last three years GEV has worked closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to determine both best practice and best planting material for jatropha cultivation in Vietnam.  GEV is establishing a 100 hectare national center of excellence to complement its […]

The Global Exchange for Social Investment (GEXSI) is an international organisation that mediates social investments in low-income regions around the world, with the aim to alleviate poverty. GEXSI was originally launched at the World Economic Forum (Davos) in 2001, under the auspices of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. GEXSI’s mission to assist social endeavours […]

D1 Oils Plc is a biofuels technology company. Our strategy is to develop new energy crops into sustainable commercial fuels. We provide technology and services for the breeding, development, planting and harvesting of new varieties of commercial biofuel crops, focusing on alternative, sustainable feedstocks that are not subject to the same price pressures as food-grade […]

ESV Group has planted 4000ha of Jatropha and have 2 on-farm Nurseries. We have made good progress in seed selection ,planting , and pruning methods in Jatropha. The farm employs 1000 people and follows FSC and Creamer commission standards.   Speaker Profile Mr Van Rooyen has been doing business in Africa for the past 2 […]

Wärtsilä enhances the business of our customers by providing them with lifecycle power solutions. When creating better and environmentally compatible technologies, we focus on the marine and energy markets. We provide ship power solutions and flexible power plants with related services to our customers. Through innovative products and services, we set out to be the […]

Eco-Carbone provides consulting and project development services in the area of climate change mitigation. We specialize in developing carbon reduction projects, and market the resulting carbon assets in both Kyoto Protocol-related and voluntary markets. Our team combines years of experience in industry, agronomy, project finance and environmental management. We are active in a number of […]