Agroils is proud to announce the launch of JATROPHABOOK.COM at the Jatropha World Hamburg 2008 meeting on 20-22 October. The primary purpose of Jatrophabook is to promote sustainability within the jatropha supply chain by reconstructing the traceability of Jatropha sources informing end users in a clear and transparent way. The ambitious project will enable registered members […]

JatrophaWorld Hamburg 2008 is excited to welcome 3 new additions to our panel of experts speaking at the conference. With these new additions, the JatrophaWorld Hamburg 2008 panel will now have a TOTAL of 35 EXPERTS sharing their perspectives and updates on Jatropha, which is the largest panel we’ve ever had for our JatrophaWorld events, […]

“Setting Up Successful Jatropha Projects”, our webcast, went live at 9am EST (USA), 3pm CET (Central Europe), 6.30pm IST (India), 9pm SST (Singapore) on 30 September, and attracted over 150 live listeners and contributors. Presented in line with JATROPHAWORLD HAMBURG 2008, the webcast called on investors and the Jatropha community to use their economic muscle […]

Media release, 7th October 2008 Zürich. Three organizations have founded a global “Jatropha Sustainable Biofuels Alliance”. Their mission is to actively promote a positive reputation for sustainable biofuels and to support their production. Despite a negative public perception not all biofuels have a negative impact on hunger, poverty and the environment. Jatropha, for example, is […]

Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH is founded by J. Koeber in 1855. In 1910 the company was renamed HEB  ( Harburger Eisen und Bronze Werk) after a fusion with Harburger Eisenwerke. In the 50s Krupp became the New 100% Shareholder of HEB. The Name changed from HEB to Thyssen Krupp Elastomertechnik GmbH In spring 2005 HF became […]

Speaker Profile Roger Sheriff has been farming in Zambia for 14 years, primarily oil seed crops and livestock. He has a background on mechanical engineering. He has planted his first Jatropha trials 9 years ago, and has been manufacturing biodiesel for on farm use for 2 years. He joined Jatrafuel in January 2008 joined to […]