What does it mean to be pro-poor in the context of developing jatropha? A term constantly bandied around, it is fast becoming the catch cry of the sector which is implementing planting projects in some of the poorest regions in the world. This question was explored by Dr. Suhas P Wani, Principal Scientist at the […]

For Immediate Access to Webinar Recording, Read On! Our webinar, “Will the Jatropha Sector Sustain Itself in Volatile Times” went live on January 20th to address the impact of financial crisis on Jatropha sector, as well as issues of sustainability and building a profitable Jatropha business model. Dr. Mike Taverner, Founder and Executive Chairman of Jatoil Ltd, […]

Abundant Biofuels Corporation CEO Dr. Charles Fishel explains the whys and hows in Episode 3 of the Jatrophaworld Interview Series. In Episode 2 of the Jatropha interview Series, Mr. Eduardo Bundyra, CEO of Biotins Energia made the bold proclamation that 2009 was a good year to go into Jatropha. And he’s not alone in saying […]

The CEO Says YES. Eduardo Bundyra, CEO of Biotins Energia shares his thoughts on upcoming opportunities in Jatropha. According to Eduardo Bundyra, 2009 is a good year to start a Jatropha Project. Sharing his thoughts at Episode 2 of the Jatropha Interview Series, Eduardo Bundyra, a panelist at the Practitioners and Production Model Roundtable at Jatropha […]

D1 Williamson Magor Bio Fuel Limited is promoted jointly by D1-BP Fuel Crops Limited, UK and Williamson Magor Group in India to promote jatropha plantation in East and North East part of India for manufacture of bio diesel on a commercial scale. The company has since developed the plantation on contract farming arrangement on about […]

BIOTINS Close to 600 families, already working under Contract Farming, and is signing up another 400 for the current harvest, totaling an area of 1000 hectares already in Production, and increasing by another 800 hectares, by the end of 2009. Current industrial capacity of 8.000 Tons/ year of B100, using modular Technology, and already purchased […]

WaterLand Synergy Pte Ltd is a private limited liability corporation registered in Singapore, Waterland BioScience LLC is a private limited liability corporation registered in the USA PT Waterland Asia Bio Ventures is a limited liability corporation registered in Indonesia. All above mention companies are one of the many affiliated companies of the WaterLand International Group […]

TERI was formally established in 1974 with the purpose of tackling and dealing with the immense and acute problems that mankind is likely to be faced with in the years ahead on account of the gradual depletion of the earth’s finite energy resources which are largely non-renewable and on account of the existing methods of […]

Jatoil Limited is a green energy company that aims to realise the potential of jatropha oil as a sustainable feedstock for the burgeoning global biodiesel industry. Our business is based on establishing plantation projects (oil fields) in South East Asia to grow oil-yielding jatropha curcas. Jatoil has expertise in the cultivation and processing of jatropha, […]

Nexant is an independent international energy consulting company with about 300 professional consultants in offices located around the world, including San Francisco, New York, Houston, London, Bangkok ,Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai and Buenos Aires.  Nexant includes Chem Systems which was acquired in 2001 and has been providing management consulting services to the petroleum and chemical […]

SEASAF is a USD150m private equity fund specialising in energy, infra and resources projects in the ASEAN region.  To date it has made 4 investments in the region, in companies involved in the power, tollroads, education and mining sectors respectively.  During the last 3 years it has actively evaluated numerous projects in the biofuels space […]

Abundant Biofuels Corporation is an integrated renewable energy company building partnerships in energy-dependent developing countries to produce bio-diesel and create renewable oil fields.  The Company is building jatropha-based energy projects in the Philippines and Colombia on 500,000 hectares of marginal, underused land; it is pursuing developments in several other countries, as well, without deforestation, diversion […]

South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd. is a leading developer of high quality carbon credits, founded and managed by highly experienced carbon market professionals. It was the first company worldwide that generated and brought to market issued CERs with the Gold Standard quality label. South Pole staff has advised successfully registered CDM and VER projects […]

The Forest College and Research Institute is one of the constituent colleges of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) located at Mettupalayam in the sylvan surroundings of foot hills of the Nilgiris. The institute has been mandated with biofuel research programme over a decade and contributed significantly for the promotion and popularization of Jatropha and other […]

In this time of global economic uncertainty, a top question of Jatropha developers is, “What impact will the current economic crisis have on the Jatropha sector and its prominence as a viable, sustainable biofuel?” To address this critical concern and more, a free 20 January webinar has been scheduled. As a precursor to Jatropha World […]