While it is hard to untangle the impact of the global financial downturn from general disenchantment with jatropha itself, it is fair to say that the investment gotten way ahead of the plant science! But if you see yourself in Jatropha for the long-haul, you should take 2 days off to attend 2nd JatrophaWorld Americas […]

Dr. Tarek Abdel-Hamid is a graduate of American University in Cairo in 1989 where he obtained Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering: CAD. He also has a Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Studies in Environmental Research & Studies Institute/ Ain Shams University in Egypt in 1992, followed by Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Engineering from the same institute […]

Oyvind Vessia is working in the unit responsible for the Renewable Energy Directive at the European Commission, and for the time being working mainly with the sustainability criteria for biofuels. Educated as an engineer with additional education in economics, he has been working with various energy- and environment-related projects. JatrophaWorld 2009 Brussels Speaker Day 1 […]

Will Jatropha become another ‘DotCom Bubble’? How can the Jatropha industry consolidate and strengthen for the long-term? A *F*R*E*E Webinar on 30 Sep entitled ‘Is the Jatropha sector becoming a DotCom Bubble?‘ offered a refreshing dose of realism on the Jatropha business. And if you missed the webinar, read on to find out how you […]