Will Jatropha become another ‘DotCom Bubble’? How can the Jatropha industry consolidate and strengthen for the long-term? A *F*R*E*E Webinar on 30 Sep entitled ‘Is the Jatropha sector becoming a DotCom Bubble?‘ offered a refreshing dose of realism on the Jatropha business. And if you missed the webinar, read on to find out how you […]

We’re hosting a live webinar, “Is the Jatropha sector becoming a DotCom Bubble?” on 30 September 2009 at 9AM New York, 1PM GMT, 3PM Amsterdam, 6.30PM India & 9PM Singapore, and we’d like to have you there! The 1-hour webinar will be lead by Mr. Christopher Hunter, Co-Founder and Director of Viridesco Limited, which has […]

For Immediate Access to Webinar Recording, Read On! Our webinar, “Will the Jatropha Sector Sustain Itself in Volatile Times” went live on January 20th to address the impact of financial crisis on Jatropha sector, as well as issues of sustainability and building a profitable Jatropha business model. Dr. Mike Taverner, Founder and Executive Chairman of Jatoil Ltd, […]

“Setting Up Successful Jatropha Projects”, our webcast, went live at 9am EST (USA), 3pm CET (Central Europe), 6.30pm IST (India), 9pm SST (Singapore) on 30 September, and attracted over 150 live listeners and contributors. Presented in line with JATROPHAWORLD HAMBURG 2008, the webcast called on investors and the Jatropha community to use their economic muscle […]

So many Jatropha projects are underway or planned for the next five years making the question “What makes a successful Jatropha project Tick” a very critical one for the industry as a whole! Let’s just look at the statistics. According to the report, “First Global Market Study on Jatropha” published by GEXSI, “the number and […]

The webcast, “Debunking the Myths of Jatropha”, conducted by Dr. R Rajagopal and Dr. Sudheer Shetty, is being released in line with the JatrophaWorld 2008 conference which is to be held in Jakarta on 23 and 24 January 2008. The webcast endeavors to answer subscribers’ questions about the prevalent myths being perpetuated about the Jatropha […]