The controversial report by University of Twente (Gerbens-Leenes et al), which claimed that Jatropha has the highest water footprint among all the BioEnergy crops caused a stir in the jatropha sector, and now, rebuttals from the Jatropha research community are proving that the findings were wrong. 2nd JatrophaWorld Africa Speakers Prof. Bart Muys and Ir. […]

As part of JatrophaWorld’s commitment in providing quality and useful knowledge, we have incorporated a Mini-Workshop on Jatropha Biodiesel Value Chain into the main program. Using a quantitative model to show you the economic indicators of jatropha projects, you will clearly see the profitability of your project as well as the risk profile. We understand […]

Agroils is proud to announce the launch of JATROPHABOOK.COM at the Jatropha World Hamburg 2008 meeting on 20-22 October. The primary purpose of Jatrophabook is to promote sustainability within the jatropha supply chain by reconstructing the traceability of Jatropha sources informing end users in a clear and transparent way. The ambitious project will enable registered members […]

Besides processing into biodiesel, Jatropha oil also has proven itself to be a viable source of fuel for power generation and heating applications. In fact, many of the delegates we met at JatrophaWorld Jakarta and Miami had many examples to share about small scale Jatropha power generation plants for rural electrification projects in India & […]

With Diesel prices’ fluctuating in wallet bursting ranges and petroleum products tainted in many minds due to its association with violence in the Middle East, the demand for Biodiesel and feedstocks like Jatropha is all set to boom in the US. Right now, the Biodiesel blends are pricier than pure petroleum diesel, but with the […]

All across the United States, oilseed crushers are being faced with some tough decisions; whether to refine oil for food or fuel. On one hand, only a quarter of the current production capacity of these refineries is being used, and the numbers of new plants coming up has slowed down drastically. On the other hand, […]

Who cares what sort of fuel powers the plane? For most people, that’s a technical issue – best dealt with by aviation engineers. Airlines, however, are increasingly keen to come up with alternatives to petroleum-based jet fuel as they are facing mounting pressure to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. As Airlines are all set to […]

What is Jatropha? Is this ‘miracle plant’ the most viable feedstock for Biodiesel? At JatrophaWorld 2008, the answer to those questions and many more will be discussed for YOUR investment outlook. We at CMT, are very excited to tell you about the JatrophaWorld 2008 phenomenon! A series of three conferences aimed at presenting all the […]

At a point in time where the success of Jatropha investments are hinging on a better understanding of the crop, JatrophaWorld 2008 rode high on the enthusiasm surrounding Jatropha’s potential as Biodiesel feedstock and a source of renewable energy and poverty alleviation. JatrophaWorld 2008 Jakarta, held on 23-24 January 2008, saw over 350 Jatropha experts, […]

The ambitions of India and China to ramp up their biofuel production could cause shortages of water, which is needed for crops to feed their growing populations, adding more fuel to the “food versus fuels” debate. With both countries expected to make up more than 70% of the world’s fuel demand, they are now turning […]

Jatropha Curacas and its derivates including Jatropha biodiesel have been under the spotlight due to their potential to solve the world’s energy crisis. There is more than enough reason to be enthusiastic about Jatropha’s potential as a biodiesel feedstock. However, Jatropha’s commercial viability still remains in question, as there are still many inherent problems associated […]

Jatropha is largely being perceived as one of the solutions to problems of poverty. With increasing international interest in this plant, the possibilities are exciting. Jatropha oil and Jatropha biodiesel can be used for rural electrification, transport, and for stationary engines for shaft power (like multi-functional platforms). Jatropha cultivation is said to be able to […]