MANILA, Philippines — A former solon has proposed the use of public land for Jatropha propagation to help ease the country’s need to generate power and energy. Herminio Teves, former congressman of the third district of Negros Oriental, said that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has recently declared a total of 14.2 […]

A report on airline testing of oil from jatropha has shown it could be a potential substitute for traditional jet fuel. Business Matchmaking, a non-profit company that works with airlines, says Japan Airlines, Air New Zealand, Continental, Brazil’s TAM Airlines and most recently the Mexican carrier Interjet, in cooperation with European manufacturer Airbus, were all […]

Siemens, the German conglomerate is this week starting trials on behalf of an unnamed shipping company assessing the viability of jatropha-based biodiesel for powering turbines on a high-speed ferry. The trials come amid tests which D1 revealed were being undertaken by two other unnamed European multinationals – one a consumer goods group using the biofuel […]

The state department of science and technology is establishing a bio-diesel plant here for extraction of jatropha oil and its conversion into bio-diesel. The plant, funded by the department of science and technology, Government of India, will be the first government-funded bio-diesel plant in Uttar Pradesh. Established in the Biotech Networking Facility Center, run by […]

In Singapore, JOil announced a contract with Indian plant biotech company KF Bioplants in which KFB will produce and deliver an initial volume of one million tissue-culture derived Jatropha curcas plants using JOil’s proprietary tissue culture technology by 2011. JOil is using material from its own global germplasm collection. JOil, in partnership with Temasek Life […]

California-based SG Biofuels has launched JMax 100, a proprietary cultivar of jatropha optimized for growing conditions in Guatemala with yields 100 percent greater than existing varieties, according to the company. SG Biofuels is a plant oil company specializing in the development of jatropha as a low-cost, sustainable source of oil and has the largest library […]

TNT, WFP and local Malawian partner BERL (Bio energy Resources Ltd) are building a sustainable Jatropha business in Malawi that will give local smallholder farmers a new cash crop to grow and harvest that will create a reliable source of income. The Jatropha project aims to alleviate poverty in third world countries by the most […]

In Honduras, the Agroipsa Farm in Choluteca has deployed the BEI Jatropha Wave Harvester, a mechanical harvesting system for Jatropha which has successfully completed an eight-month trial of the system, according to BEI International, the harvester’s manufacturer. The system was used for mechanical harvest of a 550 hectare plantation of three-year old jatriopha. Max Lint […]

‘ESV Group Plc, the agribusiness and logistics investment company, announces the signing of a definitive Agreement for the sale of its Jatropha plantations business and associated assets in Mozambique to SAB Mozambique SA, a company controlled by two Italian energy companies, Api Nova Energia SrL and Seci Energia SpA.’ Source: SAB srl, a joint […]

Aviation biofuel made by Honeywell’s UOP has been used for biofuel demonstration flights on Boeing commercial aircraft with Air New Zealand, Continental Airlines, Japan Airlines and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as well as on military demonstration flights with U.S. Air Force and Navy aircraft. The UOP process produces Green Jet Fuel which requires no changes […]

In Honduras, the Agroipsa Farm in Choluteca has deployed the BEI Jatropha Wave Harvester, a mechanical harvesting system for Jatropha which has successfully completed an eight-month trial of the system, according to BEI International, the harvester’s manufacturer. The system was used for mechanical harvest of a 550 hectare plantation of three-year old jatriopha. Max Lint […]

In January this year, Jim Lane, the editor of Biofuels Digest predicted that 2010 would be the year of Jatropha’s revival. Specifically, he said, “Jatropha will gain renewed interest and traction as a go-to feedstock for aviation biofuels.” Jim hit the nail in the head with his comment! Within a few weeks of this prediction, […]

While it is hard to untangle the impact of the global financial downturn from general disenchantment with jatropha itself, it is fair to say that the investment gotten way ahead of the plant science! But if you see yourself in Jatropha for the long-haul, you should take 2 days off to attend 2nd JatrophaWorld Americas […]

Will Jatropha become another ‘DotCom Bubble’? How can the Jatropha industry consolidate and strengthen for the long-term? A *F*R*E*E Webinar on 30 Sep entitled ‘Is the Jatropha sector becoming a DotCom Bubble?‘ offered a refreshing dose of realism on the Jatropha business. And if you missed the webinar, read on to find out how you […]

We’re hosting a live webinar, “Is the Jatropha sector becoming a DotCom Bubble?” on 30 September 2009 at 9AM New York, 1PM GMT, 3PM Amsterdam, 6.30PM India & 9PM Singapore, and we’d like to have you there! The 1-hour webinar will be lead by Mr. Christopher Hunter, Co-Founder and Director of Viridesco Limited, which has […]

The controversial report by University of Twente (Gerbens-Leenes et al), which claimed that Jatropha has the highest water footprint among all the BioEnergy crops caused a stir in the jatropha sector, and now, rebuttals from the Jatropha research community are proving that the findings were wrong. 2nd JatrophaWorld Africa Speakers Prof. Bart Muys and Ir. […]

As part of JatrophaWorld’s commitment in providing quality and useful knowledge, we have incorporated a Mini-Workshop on Jatropha Biodiesel Value Chain into the main program. Using a quantitative model to show you the economic indicators of jatropha projects, you will clearly see the profitability of your project as well as the risk profile. We understand […]

Jatropha has been hailed as the feedstock for sustainable biodiesel production, over food crops like soy or rape. If managed right, Jatropha projects offer the chance to realize ‘triple-bottom line’ investments with social, environmental and economic returns. The upcoming 2nd JatrophaWorld Africa conference zooms into optimizing the efficiencies and economics of Jatropha, and spotlight the […]

At 2nd JatrophaWorld Americas on 3-4 December 2009 in Miami- FL, we drive home the message that Jatropha isn’t a Zero-Maintenance Miracle Crop or a One-Shot ‘Solution’, and provide a realistic view of the opportunities and challenges ahead for Jatro-Entrepreneurs. So is jatropha a wonder crop that can provide a quick fix for the biodiesel […]

Es posible aprovechar el 100% de la planta de jatrofa? El investigador principal de la jatrofa, el Dr. William Ludwig Nolten, trata este tema durante la innovadora presentación “Tecnología de utilización de los residuos y torta de semillas de jatrofa”. La mayoría de los agricultores actualmente plantan y cosechan semillas de jatrofa curca principalmente por […]

É possível tirar vantagem de 100% da jatropha? O principal pesquisador da jatropha, Dr. William Ludwig Nolten, falou sobre essa questão durante sua apresentação pioneira “Tecnologia de utilização da pasta e dos resíduos da jatropa”. A maioria dos plantadores da jatropha cultiva e colhe a jatropha curcas principalmente por seu óleo vegetal puro (PPO) para […]

We are postponing the 2nd JatrophaWorld Americas. As a precautionary measure we have decided to postpone the 2nd JatrophaWorld Americas in line with recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and concerns about the H1N1 virus. However, with increased global vigilance and measures in place to curtail the worst of the outbreak, we are confident that […]

Entrepreneurs around the globe are finding new ways to monetize the Jatropha plant thanks to the pioneering research of World-renowned Jatropha expert Dr. William Ludwig Nolten. In a groundbreaking video presentation, Dr. Nolten shares how easy it is to utilize 100% of the Jatropha plant for biofuel, biodiesel and other profit generating revenue streams. To […]

JatrophaWorld Asia 2009 convened in Kuala Lumpur on 16-17 February 2009. The KL event was the first leg of the eagerly anticipated JatrophaWorld 2009 conference series, and took the JatrophaWorld experience to a whole new level.regulars like Mike Vanstone, Director at New World Energy who is developing a Jatropha project in Indonesia, said “I enjoyed JatrophaWorld […]

The eagerly anticipated first leg of the Jatropha World 2009 series, JatrophaWorld Asia 2009 convened in Kuala Lumpur on 16-17 February. The conference brought together the Jatropha community in the world’s most authoritative Jatropha forum to lend an Asian perspective to the latest developments in Jatropha around the world. The general view among all attendees […]