2nd Jatropha World Africa


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Day 1 – Wednesday, 14 October

08.00 Registration and Coffee

09.00 Chairman’s Welcome & Introduction
Speaker: Christopher Hunter, Director, Viridesco Ltd.

09.15 Opening Speech
Speaker: Jean-Pierre Heirman, Secretary-General, Environment, Nature and Energy Department, Flemish Government

Pathway to Commercialisation & Financing

09.45  Project Developer’s Outlook on Jatropha Value Chain
• Experience of project development in Africa
• Viable jatropha business model
• Financial planning and forecasting
• Key success factors
Speaker: Ruud van Eck, CEO, Diligent Tanzania Ltd

10.15  Financing Roundtable: How to Raise Funds for A Jatropha Project During Credit Crunch?
• How to draw interest from investors?
• Role of Microfinance, Development Banks, Private Equity, Government Grant
Panelists include:
Christophe de Landtsheer, Managing Director, Distribution & Finance SA
Hans van den Berg, Partner, Mother Earth Plantations Pte. Ltd.
James Scruby, CEO, Matrix Biofuels LLP

10.45 Discussion followed by Refreshments

11.30  Opportunities for Carbon Credits in Jatropha Biofuel Projects
• Carbon Credit Potential for Jatropha Projects
• Opportunities & Methodologies in CDM / VCS
• Carbon Market Outlook & Expected Price Development
• Process for Generating Carbon Credit (Timeline)
• Case Study
• Post Kyoto scenario
Speaker: Patrick Horka, CDM Project Manager, South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd.

12.00  EU Biofuels Policy in the context of the Renewable Energy Directive (focus on jatropha)
Speaker: Oyvind Vessia, DG – Tren, European Commission

12.30 Discussion followed by Lunch

14.00 Chairman’s Remarks
Speaker: Ruud van Eck, CEO, Diligent Tanzania Ltd.

Practitioners’ Roundtable – Experience of Jatropha Projects in Africa

14.05  Mozambique – Good Practices in the Establishment and Management of Large Scale Jatropha Plantations
Speaker: Jon Mc Lea, R&D Manager, Energem Biofuels Ltd.

14.35  Performance & Yields of 4 Year-Old Plantation in Mozambique
• Plantation setup and maintenance – The seedling nursery, planting out and the use of fertilizer, insecticide and irrigation
• Agronomic practices – husbandry techniques
• Yields and economics
(i) correlation of soil quality/ use of fertiliser and insecticide/ water quantities to yields.
(ii) the growth curve
(iii) the outgrower model
Speaker: Christopher Hunter, Director, Viridesco

15.05  Ghana
Speaker: Steinar Kolnes, Chairman, Biofuel Africa Ltd

15.35 Discussion followed by Refreshments

16.05  Growing Jatropha in Dry, Desert Climate (Experience in Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Syria)
Speaker: Dr. Tarek Abdelhamid, CEO, Green Environment Consultants

16.35  Nigeria
Speaker: Dr. Kabir Abdulkadir Yammama, President, Green Shield of Nations

17.05  Breakthrough in Mechanical Harvester
Speaker: Max Lint, President/CEO, BEI International

17.35 Discussion followed by End of Day One

1745 -1845 hrs. Networking Reception for Speakers & Delegates

Day 2 – Thursday, 15 October

09.00 Chairman’s Remarks
Speaker: Tony Crimmins, Business Dev. Manager, Jatoil Ltd.


09.05  Sustainability & Ecological Effects of Jatropha Curcas
Speaker: Laszlo Mathe, Forest and Bioenergy Officer, WWF Scotland

09.35  Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Biodiesel Production from Jatropha Curcas L.
• Compare the life cycle of low input jatropha production system for local fuel production with a fossil fuel reference
• Calculated all major impact categories (greenhouse gas balance, energy balance, ozone depletion, acidification, eutrophication, land use)
• Compared with alternative jatropha scenarios (transport to regional cities or to industrial countries)
• Compared different uses of byproducts (seed cake)
• Identify the critical phases in the jatropha life cycle and make recommendations for a more sustainable production
Speaker: Ir. Wouter Achten, Research Group Forest, Ecology and Management, K.U.Leuven

10.05  Food vs Fuel, Jatropha’s Role
Speaker: Meghan Sapp, Secretary General, Partners for Euro-African Green Energy (PANGEA)

10.35 Discussion followed by Refreshments

Scientific R&D

11.05  Molecular and Biochemical Analysis of Toxic and Non-Toxic Lines
Speaker: Prof. Ian Graham, Centre for Novel Agricultural Products, Department of Biology, University of York

11.35 Enhancing Economic Viability and Sustainability of Jatropha Biofuel Production Using A Bio-Refinery Concept
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Harinder P.S. Makkar, International Project Coordinator: BMBF-MOST Jatropha Project, University of Hohenheim

12.05  Global Worldwide Yield Prediction Model For Jatropha Curcas
Speaker: Prof. Dr. ir. Bart Muys, Forest Ecology and Management, Katholieke Universiteit (K.U.) Leuven

12.35 Discussion followed by Lunch

14.00 Chairman’s Remarks
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Harinder P.S. Makkar, International Project Coordinator: BMBF-MOST Jatropha Project, University of Hohenheim

Processing and Applications

14.05 Jatropha Protein Products for Technical Applications
• Jatropha Curcas using the Bio-refinery Concept
• Jatropha protein extraction from seed cake at room temperature
• Improving protein extraction at room temperature by using multi-stage countercurrent extraction
• Film-forming properties of Jatropha protein products
• Future outlook
Speaker: Dianika Lestari, Researcher, Wageningen University and Research Centre

14.35  Pure Jatropha Oil Fuel – Improving Jatropha Business Efficiency
• Advantages of using Jatropha oil as a fuel in its pure form
• Engine conversion technology
• Oil extraction plants producing fuel grade Jatropha fuel; plant driven on Jatropha oil
Speaker: James Scruby, Director, Viridesco and Elsbett AG

15.05  Benefits/Economics of Bio-Digester and Mini Power Plants from Jatropha Seedcake
Speaker: William Nolten, CEO, Waterland International

15:35  Shelf Life of Biodiesel from Jatropha and Edible Oils, Use Of Biodiesel Stabiliser
Speaker: Axel Ingendoh, Marketing Manager, Technical Service, LANXESS Deutschland GmbH

16.05 Discussion followed by Refreshments

16.35 End of Conference

Synopsis | PDF Brochure