Jatropha World 2010 Rotterdam


Jatropha World 2010 | 6-7 Oct, Rotterdam

Day 1 – 6 Oct 2010, Wednesday

08:00     Registration and Coffee

09:00     Welcome and Introduction
Speaker: Peter Vissers, Senior Partner, Partners for Innovation B.V

A-Z of Jatropha Production

Global Jatropha Practitioners’ Roundtable (presentations I-VI followed by discussion)

  • Case studies of plantation management including: propagation, pruning,pest and disease management, fertilisation, irrigation, weeding, harvesting, intercropping
  • Production model: centralised management / outgrowers / small holder scheme
  • Mechanisation and GPS monitoring
  • Yields and economics
  • Oil processing technology, set-up and logistics

09:15       (I) Jatropha Development in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia
Speaker: Chumroen Benchavitvilai, Executive Officer, Bioenergy Development Co., Ltd.

09:45     (II) Jatropha Plantation & Biofuel Development in Central America
Speaker: David Erazo, Director General, Agroipsa

10:10     (III) Maximizing the Returns on Investments (growing in Mozambique and Tanzania)

  • Cost of jatropha cultivation and oil production
  • Revenue projection

Speaker: Richard Morgan, CEO, Sun Biofuels Ltd

10:35     Discussion followed by Refreshments

11:15     (IV) Challenges of Building an Integrated Sustainable Biofuels Business Supported by Small Scale Farmers in Malawi
Speaker: Willem Jan van Wijk, Managing Director, TNT N.V.

11:40     (V) Jatropha 2.0 – Breeding, Biotech and Molecular Agronomics: How an Integrated Platform is Bringing the Opportunities of Jatropha to Reality

  • Major strategic partnerships that drives advancements
  • The role of breeding, biotechnology and molecular agronomics in accelerating crop improvements
  • Community farming initiative in Guatemala
  • JMax 100 – elite cultivar of Jatropha

Speaker: Brian Brokowski, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, SG Biofuels, Inc.

12:05     (VI) Experience of Seed Processor in Tanzania and Prospects for the Future
Speaker: Koen Peters, Director Business Development, Diligent Energy Systems BV

12:30   Discussion

12:45     Networking Lunch

14:00     Chairman’s Remarks
Speaker: Thilo Zelt, President, Jatropha Alliance

14:05     Advances in Mechanical Harvesting

  • Results from field trials
  • Plantation design to suit mechanical harvesting
  • Costs and economics

Speaker: Max Lint, President/CEO, BEI International LLC

14:25     Advances in Mechanical Harvesting

  • Harvesting in Africa, experiences and results
  • Different harvesting methods
  • Future challenges with mechanization

Speaker: Toni Sandholm, Sales Manager, Rakennustempo Oy

End-Users’ Perspectives on the Jatropha Value Chain

14:45     Offtaker’s View on Jatropha as Biofuel Feedstock

  • Neste oil’s requirements for feedstock
  • Sustainability criteria for jatropha production

Speaker: Ms. Tarja Myllymaki, Head, Feedstock Development of Renewable Fuels Business, Neste Oil Corporation

15:10    Jatropha Investment from the Perspective of a Power Producer

  • Investment in Brazil (By Api Nova)
  • Investment in Ghana and Mozambique (By SAB)
  • Drivers that led to the jatropha investments

Speaker: Alessandro Berti, Business Development Manager, Bioenergy & Biofuels Division, Api Nova Energia
Business Development Manager, SAB srl (JV between Api Nova Energia and Seci Energia)

15:35     Discussion followed by Refreshments

16:10    International Trade & Logistics of Jatropha Oil

  • Pricing and competitiveness
  • Contracts
  • Trading and logistics

Speaker: Willem J Prins, Director, BFP Africa, BFP International BV

Sustainability & Certification

16:35     Practical Implications of EU Renewable Energy Directive’s (RED) Sustainability Requirements for Jatropha Project Developers
Speaker: Bart Dehue, Managing Consultant, Ecofys

17:00     Towards Sustainable Jatropha Production & Certification

  • Sustainability criteria for agriculture/feedstock production/biofuels
  • International certification schemes
  • Impacts on land use change
  • How to improve GHG performance
  • Project developer’s implementation strategies and challenges

Nick Goodall, CEO, Renewable Fuels Agency
Hock Aun Khoo, Vice Chairman, Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB)
Peter Vissers, Senior Partner, Partners for Innovation B.V
Bart Dehue, Managing Consultant, Ecofys

17:40     Discussion followed by end of Day 1

18:00     Networking Reception
On board “James Cook” – 2hr Cruise Visit to Rotterdam Port

hosted by
Jatropha World 2010

Day 2 – 7 Oct 2010, Thursday

09:00       Chairman’s Remarks
Speaker: Dr. Ronald Zwart, Director, CKade BV

09:05    Potential of Bio-Jet Fuel for the Aviation Industry
Speaker: Bart Rosendaal, Supply Director, SkyNRG

Jatropha R&D

09:30    Breeding and Producing Elite Seedlings for Jatropha Plantation
Speaker: Dr. Hong Yan, GM (Research and Operations), JOil (S) Pte Ltd

Jatropha World 2010

09:55    Jatropha Genomics and Its Implication on Breeding
Speaker: Dr. Helge Zieler, Senior Director, Plant Genomics, Synthetic Genomics Inc (SGI)

10:20     Biotechnological Strategies for Improvement of Jatropha
Speaker: Dr. Miranda D. van de Rhee, Project Manager, Genetwister Technologies BV

10:45     Discussion followed by Refreshments

11:25     Jatropha Curcas: High Yielding Accessions and Improvement
Speaker: Prof. Ashwani Kumar, Department of Botany, University of Rajasthan

11:50     Adding Value to Jatropha Curcas through Breeding and Innovative Processing

  • Update on breeding strategy and status of the D1 Oils breeding program
  • Overview on existing D1 Oils cultivars
  • Innovative processing technology and the production and testing of jatropha kernel meal as high protein source for animal feed

Speaker: Dr. Henk Joos, Science and Technology Director, D1 Oils Plc

12:15    Pure Jatropha Oil from Decentralized Oil Mills as Fuel for Adapted Diesel Engines, Requirements on Engine Technology and Fuel Quality
Speaker: Dr. Georg Gruber, Vereinigte Werkstätten für Pflanzenöltechnologie (VWP)

12:40     Final Discussion followed by Networking Lunch

14:00     End of Conference