"Jatropha World 2009 Interviews: Jatropha Sector's TOP Executives Share Real-World Insights on Important Issues in Jatropha's Long and
Short-Term Outlook."

Hear First-hand, the “Inside Story” from Key Players Concerning the Challenges and Rewards of Being Part of the Jatropha Solution. Subscribe to the Series Today.

The Jatropha World 2009 Interviews were organized to give the Jatropha Sector advance access to the Jatropha World Asia 2009 panel of experts, many of whom are among the key players in the sector.

Hear first-hand from CEOs and Top Executives in the Jatropha sector, as they share about the challenges and rewards of being a part of the Jatropha solution, as well as realistic insights into current developments in global demand for Jatropha and projections for the sector.

Gain Startling Insights from Hard-Hitters in the Jatropha Industry

Hear first-hand, the “inside story” from key players concerning the challenges and rewards of being part of the Jatropha solution. Subscribe NOW to the Jatropha World 2009 interview series and listen as top biofuel decision makers reveal their perspectives on helming some of the world’s highest performing Jatropha companies and projects.

EPISODE 1: Tell-All Discussion with Pradip Bhar, Managing Director of D1-Williamson Magor Biofuels Limited

In the premiering episode of the Jatropha interviews series, we had a chat with Pradip Bhar, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the D1-Williamson Magor Biofuel Limited, a joint venture company between D1-BP Fuel Crops Limited, UK and Williamson Magor group.

Over the past two years, D1-Williamson Magor Biofuel Limited has already planted Jatropha in over 130,000 hectares of waste farmland by means of an out growers’ scheme, where local farmers plant & harvest Jatropha in their waste farmland, for which the D1-Williamson Magor group provides a buy-back guarantee.

“The year 2009 will see the first drop of oil flow from the plantations – the quantity will be insignificant but it will be a landmark.” ~ Mr. Pradip Bhar, JatrophaWorld 2009 Interviews Ep.1

During the interview, Mr. Bhar engaged in a frank discussion the future direction of the industry from a planter’s perspective, as he touched on:

  • The future direction of Jatropha
  • The impact of the credit crunch on the business
  • Commercialization prospects
  • Long and short-term projections
  • Market Direction for oil and co-products
  • Small Scale cultivation models
  • Educating out growers
  • ... Plus many more interesting and realistic insights, which set the tone for the interviews that followed!

EPISODE 2: "Zooming into Jatropha Success Zones."
Eduardo Bundyra, C.E.O of Biotins Energia Shares on Upcoming Opportunities in Brazil's Jatropha Sector.

In the follow up episode of the Jatropha interviews series, we upped the ante with a valuable discussion on upcoming Jatropha opportunities with Eduardo Bundyra, CEO of Biotins Energia.

Mr. Bundyra is one of the leading players in Brazil’s Jatropha sector, and his organization Biotins Energia is working closely with Saudi Bras, and the Brazilian Association of Jatropha Producers (ABPPM) to develop of the Jatropha sector in Brazil and expand their Jatropha cultivation to 12,000 Ha in the next two to three years.

“A lot of the unknowns about Jatropha have been tackled, and we have a much better understanding of the ‘real’ raw material and labor requirements, as well as how to tackle some of the risks.” ~ Eduardo Bundyra, JatrophaWorld 2009 Interviews Ep. 2

During the interview, Mr. Bundyra discussed the future direction of the industry from a more holistic perspective, looking at issues from the eyes of a project developer and an investor, and touched on:

  • Why Brazil? Emerging Role of Brazil in Jatropha sector.
  • Will Jatropha overtake Sugarcane as main Biofuel Crop in Brazil?
  • Finding a balance between Profit and Sustainable Jatropha cultivation.
  • Small-scale vs. Large-scale cultivation- developing an ideal business model.

... Plus many more relevant insights that delivered Mr. Bundyra’s tremendous optimism in the potential of the Jatropha sector.

EPISODE 3: "Sustainable Jatropha Cultivation Is The Way Forward.” Dr. Charles Fishel, C.E.O Of Abundant Biofuels Corporation Shares Insights On Making Sustainable Jatropha Cultivation WORK!

In Episode 3 of the Jatropha Interview series, we decided to tackle on of the biggest myths in the Jatropha sector, that sustainable Jatropha cultivation does not support a profitable Jatropha business model.

Dr. Charles Fishel, C.E.O of Abundant Biofuels Corporation represents the changing face of the Jatropha sector. Embracing all 12 standards issued by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels, Dr. Fishel embodies the concept of running a profitable Jatropha business in a profitable way.

“Your Jatropha project will mature at about the same time economists predict the economy will start to recovery. And that could make a really exciting investment if you’re thinking about an IPO, an acquisition or a merger. ” ~ Dr. Charles Fishel, JatrophaWorld 2009 Interviews Ep. 3

During the interview, Dr. Fishel provided real world insights into running a sustainable and profitable Jatropha business and touched on:

  • Why 2009 is a good year for Jatropha cultivation.
  • The importance of using Jatropha cultivation as a tool for poverty alleviation.
  • Adhering to the Sustainable Biofuel Standards.
  • Finding a balance between Profit and Sustainable Jatropha cultivation.
  • Small-scale vs. Large-scale cultivation- developing an ideal business model.

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