Rethinking Jatropha ‘Residue’:
Discover How To Take Advantage
of the Whole Fruit, Including Seedcakes & Biomass, for Radically Increased ROI.

World-renowned expert Dr. William Ludwig Nolten shows you how easy it is to utilize 100% of the Jatropha plant to drastically boost your return over oil sales alone.

The next generation for emergent Jatropha entrepreneurs is here now.

Pioneering new research shows viable, earth-friendly, and financially beneficial ways for Jatropha enterprises anywhere to make 100% use of the plant.

What’s this mean to you: increased profit and market size, new revenue streams, and higher returns on your investment than just selling oil. Plus, you can even earn additional CDM and carbon credits for your business.

That’s right – once thought to be useless waste, you can now take advantage of seedcakes and biomass to dramatically boost your profit potential by using 86% more of every plant than harvesting PPO alone! The possible upside is limitless.

So, if you have a vested interest in growing your Jatropha business, you need to watch the groundbreaking video, Utilization Technology of Jatropha Seedcake and Residues, by Drs. William Ludwig Nolten, Asia Director of Waterland Group and world-renowned Jatropha expert.

In this exclusive video, you will:

  • Discover how to profitably create organic fertilizer and soil conditioner.
  • Learn how to market seedcakes and residues to the highly lucrative pharmaceutical sector.
  • Find out how to trade your seed kernel meal for 30% higher than soybean meal as a livestock feed ingredient.
  • Hear how to make agro-energy pellets which are in huge demand for cooking and heating needs in rural areas.
  • Discover how to tap into the very profitable biogas market.
  • Plus much, much more to help you grow your Jatropha business now.

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