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into the factors that make Jatropha Projects Tick.
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This critical webinar, chaired Dr. R Rajagopal, author of the position paper “Best Practices for Long Term Jatropha Development” features Mr. Thilo Zelt, one of the Authors of GEXSI’s Global Market Study on Jatropha and Mr. Jamey Hadden, Director of Strategic Development at GreenEnergy Ltd, two leading Jatropha authorities in the world sharing at JatrophaWorld Hamburg 2008.

Setting Up Successful Jatropha Projects” will look into the KEY FACTORS for successful implementation of a Jatropha Projects to ADD VALUE to your Jatropha Investments and is in line with JatrophaWorld Hamburg 2008’s commitment to providing insights into the strategies adopted by the top Jatropha practitioners around the world.

This exciting 1 hour session on 30 September at 9am EST (US), 3pm CET (Central Europe), 6.30pm IST (India), 9pm SST (Singapore), is for you to listen in, CLARIFY YOUR DOUBTS and CONTRIBUTE YOUR VIEWS. Gain Key Insights into the Industry’s Best Practices as our Expert Panelists debate and discuss the criteria for setting up a successful and sustainable Jatropha Project.

Take an active role & have doubts cleared on the following critical issues:

  • How can Jatropha be grown in a sustainable way?

  • Which is the better approach - Collective farming or Large Scale Jatropha projects?

  • What are key factors in deciding on strategies to be adopted by new Jatropha project developers?

  • What are the current risks & barriers to Jatropha investments?

...Plus Many More Issues...

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Gain insight from experts on Critical Issues:

Interact directly with Mr. Thilo Zelt:
You will hear from Thilo Zelt, one of the authors of the First Global Market Study on Jatropha conducted by GEXSI, which involved gathering data from over 242 ongoing Jatropha projects from all over the world.

Tap into Mr. Jamey Hadden’s expertise:
Jamey Hadden is currently working with the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to develop Jatropha cultivation projects. Over the last three years, Mr. Hadden has been closely involved in over $20 million of successful placements (both private and public) for jatropha-specific ventures. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to develop your own Jatropha business further with Mr. Hadden’s insights.
  • Discuss your views with Dr. R Rajagopal: You will be able to discuss your views with webinar chairman Dr. R Rajagopal, who burst into the Jatropha scene with his highly rated position paper “Jatropha as a biodiesel feedstock: A strategic analysis”. Dr. Raj recently released an update to his initial paper entitled Best Practices for Long-term Jatropha Development” which can be downloaded at www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha

  • Have YOUR questions answered: You will be able to submit your questions beforehand and have them answered directly by our panelists.

  • Re-Examine your own approaches to Jatropha: You will be able to ask the right questions to evaluate your own practices & approaches to your Jatropha project.

  • Debate and Analyze the issues that undermine Jatropha’s success: You will be able to ask questions and participate in debate about some of the issues and practices undermining Jatropha’s success, and examine if they can be overcome.

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