The bar has just been set higher for the sugar cane industry’s growth with upcoming projects in diversifying into Ethylene and Polyethylene production from Sugarcane Ethanol. This new development in the Sugar Cane industry will only bolster the already robust sugarcane and ethanol markets in the Americas and the world!

According to a recent report in Mexican Newspaper “REFORMA”, Dow Chemical & Crystalsev, Brazil’s largest ethanol players, will jointly build a Bio Plastics plant with a 350,000 tons annual production capacity. The plant is planned to become operational in 2011.

Florida-based Industrial Biotechnology Corp is also jumping on the Ethanol to Ethylene bandwagon. CEO Andy Badalato announced this in July 2008, and outlined his company’s plan to manufacture Bio Based polymers and plastics from ethylene and polyethylene derived from hydrous sugarcane based ethanol.

In fact, in the Americas, where the sugar cane ethanol economics is favorable, ethylene from sugarcane ethanol is very competitive and can easily replace ethylene from petroleum, and reduce the region’s dependence on expensive oil imports.

But I have even better news to share with you!

3rd Americas Sugar Trade & Ethanol Summit, dedicated to mapping all the latest developments in the region’s sugar marketplace also features a topic on Sugarcane Ethanol to Ethylene route.

Addressed by Nexant’s Ronald Cascone, 3rd Americas Sugar Trade & Ethanol Summit will examine the potential of this new revenue stream for Sugar Cane producers, and will provide valuable information that investors and project developers can consider for their own diversification strategies.

Sharing about why he’s speaking about this at 3rd Americas Sugar Trade & Ethanol, Ron said, “In places where sugar cane ethanol economics is favorable, sugarcane from ethylene is very competitive with ethylene from petroleum conversion. I’m very excited about this. It is an early example of a convergence of the biofuels and the biomaterials industry, which we hope is a model of future integration of biofuels, chemicals and power.

Make sure you join Ron Cascone, and 21 other key Sugar & Ethanol experts and decision makers who are sharing their perspectives into the Sugar & Ethanol industries in the Americas.

Join us in Miami on 16-17 October.

Visit  right now to confirm your participation at this event.

We look forward to meeting you at the Hilton Miami Downtown on 16-17 October 2008 for the 3rd Americas Sugar Trade & Ethanol Summit.

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