8th Sugar World & Ethanol Feedstocks Speaker

Nick Goodall was appointed Executive Director of Bonsucro (formerly known as the Better Sugarcane Initiative) in Summer 2011. Bonsucro® promotes the world’s only metric standard for sustainable sugar cane.

Previously the Chief Executive of the UK’s Renewable Fuels Agency, responsible for the administration of the renewable transport fuels obligation, he is also an Ambassador for PANGEA, Partners for Euro-African Green Energy . Nick has previously led  a number of organisation in sustainable energy organisations in the UK.

8th Sugar World & Ethanol Feedstocks 2011 is a showcase of all the latest trends and shifts occurring in the Sugar & Ethanol marketplaces of the Americas, bringing together on a single platform, the best expertise to discuss and analyze the present and future dynamics of Sugar & Ethanol from a policy, socio-economic and technological perspective. To find more about Sugar & Ethanol Trade in Bangkok from September 26 to 27, 2011, please visit http://www.futureenergyevents.com/sugar/.

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